FIX Energy Converter

This thing is so abusable on gunships, especially Thar’Ga.

Imagine a ship that does massive DPS, that you can’t shoot, or it does even more massive DPS…

Or just remove it… It’s one of those lame things, like AoE spam, 1-hit-kills, etc…

But consider: feedback.

Make one yourself and see them die with you.

4 hours ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

But consider: feedback.

Make one yourself and see them die with you.

It’s like accepting its broken and required to use. A single module that turn almost every class to damage dealers, just jump into enemy with filled capacitor, activate and let their fire destroy them one by one. There is no reason it should exist at all, especially to damage dealer class that already has powerful burst damage.

Nah I love it. One of my favourite modules because it basically balances itself.

You deal damage to them? They deal it right back.

You don’t damage them? They don’t damage you.

They activate EC in a dogfight? Might as well just be a weak multiphase shield because it will never hit the enemy.


It only deals damage on four distinct “ticks” through its duration. The damage dealt on the final tick is always the most, but by then, it is nearly impossible to hit anything other than a frigate because any smart pilot will start manoevers to avoid it. The center of the beam must be directly on the target to deal damage.

Huh? Wut? I take that as a joke. Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems sarcastic. You forget the /s tag then?