First-Person (Cinematic) View

I feel like it would be very nice to have a “First-person” cockpit view for the game.

It would obviously not be practical at all, but it would make cinematic shots a lot easier and be fun for certain game-modes and team play.

It would also obviously enhance the roleplaying aspect of the game/community and lead to better creative content.


For destroyers especially I feel like this would be an epic addition for cinematic creations, and it would be extremely fun to fly interceptors and some fighters in this mode.

This would also need a visual overhaul for cockpits. This visual change could be client-side and only for the user, to prevent extra texture loading issues etc.

For ships with multiple seats, it would be great to have the option


For Jericho ships without a cockpit, the PoV could be like a sort of camera view from the front of the ship with a static overlay like guided torpedoes. (toggled off and on in cinematic settings of course)

Players in cinematic mode should have free look and free aim toggle options, as well as the old keyboard turning options enabled. (ONLY when they are in cockpit mode, to prevent abuse.)