First impressions and suggestions


I have been playing the game now for a few days and I realy like it so far. The gameplay is fun and the business model seems pretty good and balanced. But there are some things I want to make suggestions on.

  1. The game doesn’t explain itself very well. E.g. there should be a tutorial for the hangar interface.

  2. The hangar interface could use some improvements

  • Get a “close” botton for every window.

  • Give ships in the shop a tooltip where you can see thier stats and abilitys befor you buy them.

  • Give all inventory windows (shop equip etc.) the ability to sort after level, price etc. to find items more quickly.

  • The equip window is (at least for me) absolutly anoying becaus everytime you switch a ship the filter gets changed. In my oppinion it should either default to “all” or keep the last filter selected.

  1. Its very nice to have the tutorial in english now but I think the tutorial its self should be remade. It should guide a new player through several steps. First navigating, then fighting and then how to grab the enemy beacon. Also I would recomend to only have 1 bot and 1 beacon.

Thats it for now. If I have anything else I’ll post it here.

Hello and welcome to Star Conflict.

Thanks for your feedback, the tutorial and most of your points will get more improvement in the future.

Thx for the fast respons. Good to know that the devs are working on those things.