firepower of interceptor


while we are gaining synergy with our ships, they gain more hull hp and shield. for attack ship and frigates those amount are great. but with interceptor its minor addition. but while gaining hull with attack ships and frigates, interceptors are getting more problems to do any significant dmg to them… why not to increase dmg of main weapons for interceptors against bigger ships ?


for that you have MkI-MkIII to equal the amount of damage to the amount of shield/hull. Giving Interceptors more damage would make them the most powerfull class.

I agree with Error, interceptor doesn’t need more firepower. Some weapons need nerf that’s all. When I play against people with level 1-2 ships like me it’s ok. but when i get mixed with people with lvl 3 ships then I know I’m in for a rough ride… sniper rails all over the place… also I hate those pesky daggerz…

I have 2 interceptor setups: one is a lvl I dog-fighter “assist kill” ship - it has close range weapons (pulse lasers), inhibitor rockets, weapons inhibitors and electronic interference module. It pretty fares well against other interceptors of class 1 or 2. The other one is a “heavy” lvl 2 interceptor - it has heavy lasers, achilles module and suicide-bomb mounted on it. The strategy with this one is to destroy bigger ships. I fly straight ahead at my target activate achilles, and try to take out his shields with lasers and when (if) I get close enough kabooom! Just downed a captain this way in my last match and we won in the end! :00666: My life for the Empire!

I agree, Ceptors do not need more damage. Possibly more surivability mechanics like the Jump 10k away speed thing that warden have.

They should be used for things like getting the bases first, and attacking undefended bases, not as an super-speed assault craft, i personally feel their damage should be nerfed.