Firefly "Serenity" Ship

So I just got into Firefly, and I’m pretty sure this has been suggested before (maybe a million times)… but it would be possible to recreated “Serenity” from Firefly? Just thought…




Such suggestions have been made regarding different ships. This is not possible due to copyright.

Yes it is possible, however they would get in trouble. Even if the creators of said ship did give permission, it probably wouldn’t fit with the style of the game… At least according to them :slight_smile:

Well you could make ship that “look like”, just like the Saï, that remember to some player a battlestar galactica fighter, or the caltrop, that really look like a Tie-Fighter.


But I agree, most of the ships we want won’t fit in the game :smiley: The Serenity firefly class is one that couild fit imo :slight_smile: But who wants a ship with no weapons?


Btw : great show! Too bad it have only one season and need a movie to have an end :’( But with the global message, I understand why it doesn’t worked in the US…

Well, It would be nice, if we would have body kits, which can let you customize your ship’s appearance.

However, this most likely will never happen.

I suppose that would create spoilers… He he :slight_smile:

Explain the Reaper/Arcadia coincidence then?

I forgot this one!