Fire your Dev team/Re-Balance T4/T5 PVE

Obviously they don’t know what balance is.  PVE is by far, the MOST unbalanced thing in this game when you reach T4/5.  The AI SHOULD NEVER single out 1 player THE ENTIRE EFFING GAME.  I am SO tired of being singled out(ESPECIALLY BY THOSE STUPID JIHADISTS CALLED DEMOMEN), and then they just sit there and IGNORE other players, until I A) Respawn, in which case they RUSH me again, or B)They just kill themselves.   Same goes for turrets on AI cruisers.  I can be JUST getting to the fight, outside my OWN gun range, and they lock me and blast the living crap out of me, but ignore my ally who is RIGHT in front of them, firing.

Also, the AI do WAY too much damage for ANY ship to withstand, especially the demo and Turtles.  Turtles are so unbalanced, they are capable of firing directly through their own hulls to shoot at you when you’re BEHIND them.  And they seem to be able to outrun ANY ship, and can destroy your ship in 3 hits, even with collision compensators and whatnot.

Please, either remove yourselves from your positions, or I urge your higher ups to fire you, because clearly you have no idea what you’re doing, since all of you see nothing but $$$ signs.

Coil Mortar, ever heard of it?

6 hours ago, Alanthier said:

either remove yourselves

I was actually reading just to get to this part lol it’s always “remove or <something>” with you ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

But jokes aside, you need to use AoE weaponry with range and as much dps as possible, i can show you how to do it if you want to overcome it.

3 hours ago, MightyHoot said:

waaaaait, there is PvE in Star Conflict?!

It’s a feature

Wtf is PvE??? Wait wait wait that was that other game mode right? That ended in T3?

PvE is that thing they added in 2014, which almost killed the game.

18 minutes ago, betatrash said:

PvE is that thing they added in 2014, which almost killed the game.

PvE was there since day 1, they added open space in 2014, september to be exact as part of the ‘release’.

2 minutes ago, OmegaFighter said:

PvE was there since day 1, they added open space in 2014, september to be exact as part of the ‘release’.

That was a dark day!

5 hours ago, xXThunderFlameXx said:

Coil Mortar, ever heard of it?

Shouldn’t be forced to use “only” a coil morter, or explosive type weapon, which are quite lacking with interceptors.  What I’m getting at, is the fact that they are A) capable of shooting through their own hull to hit you, and B) seem to be able to out-maneuver pretty much any ship, allowing them to slam into you and destroy your ship in less than 5 hits total, despite having collision compensators and whatnot. 

If these ppl wont fix the AI, the least they can do is remove repair costs, because I know that I’m not the only one who’s tired of having to pay so much to repair ships(especially destroyers) when my group fails in PVE for T4/5, due to unbalanced differences between player ships and AI ships.

You do know that collision hasn´t to do anything with that? The only reason the turtles are insane is if they come close to you their weapon (Gaus cannon?) gives you the full load what creates the insane dmg due it´s kinda “shotgun” like. Collision is kinda the minorst prob you have against them. The closer the turtles come the worse it gets for the player who is their 1st target.

PvE is the “use an aoe weapon” mode since the very start the difference is just that the DC and FS mission are the oniest who have the turtles where the coil mortar is the most powerfull weapon cus of the “shield pen” that also is a good counter for the AI dessis and the cruiser at the end of the mission.

Aside from that the teamplay is a factor as well cus if it gives no coordinated fire it´s easy for the ai to kill the players the longer a battle takes or players simply die cus they make “run&gun” suicide actions for whatever reason.

I personally do see his point about the ai targeting you most and the stupid turtles and demomans. I personally don’t have much trouble in any teir pve except when I get a team that doesn’t know what theyre doing. That said, teamwork is the win and sometimes you just get a $hit team including the other game modes. I will admit that when I get a new weapon and want to have fun with it but cant kill turtles directly with it and my team is off doing god knows what then its discouraging…