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Star Conflict Masters of the Universe:

Its about that time, I tried around every 6 months to make this same request. (And will continue to do so) 

My favorite weapon in star conflict is dumb fire rockets.  Specifically piercing missiles, plasma missiles and firestorm missiles.  Both require a degree of Skill and practice to use.  They have their upside - if you fire it correctly you won’t miss. (missile lock break)  And they have their downside - if you miss that’s it.  They won’t come back to hit your target (cruise missile or EM missile). I would really like to see more of these types of missiles available.  I believe it would positively add to the game play and diversification of builds in the Star Conflict Universe.

Yes all interceptors have access to piercing missiles, all frigates have access to Torps, but not all fighters have access Firestorm.  This is not a problem and makes sense.

There have been numerous additions to main weapons (summer weapons). And because of this it feels like missiles have been left alone for a long lonely time.  Not to mention the invention of numerous new weapons for destroyers and pretty much it could be stated 2016 was destroyer focused. It sure would be nice to see a more diverse selection of missiles. Having more rockets for fighters, Heck, giving a frigate a rocket rocket pod that spews out in-accurate rocket fire in a burst.  That would be used for close range barrages could be really cool.


Sometimes it nice to have a missile system that requires skill to use and not just the easy: lock: fire.

Along the “Duet” missile mode I would like to see something like a “missile drone” for tacklers. Lets say, 6 missiles per drone, then disappears. Fits into the missiles slot and you get 3 drones. Stationary, simillar hp to heavy drone. Fired missiles wouldn’t then be homing.


would fire maybe a combination of 6 different light interceptor missiles, like EM, Kinetic, whatever…

I think, the content inside our next update will create a good amount of oppurtunities for us to expand rocket armory at last ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

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I think, the content inside our next update will create a good amount of oppurtunities for us to expand rocket armory at last ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)





Please post all happy dancing gif’s below.  As a sign of success.

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To the topic: Depend on the missiles released.
Some are just annoying(either by failed use by user or working mechanic) and other are improvements over the standard ones.