Few ideas

At the beggining I’d like to say, I’m enjoying this game so far. While I was playing, I got some thoughts I’d like to share. And forgive me if I’m repeating after someone, I admit I didn’t read everything that is posted.


  1. buying stuff is bit complicated. Items in warehouse mixed with those on ship and in shop, and those not researched yet - it’s too much in one place. I know there are filters, but they help only a little bit. It would be cool, if there were more of them. And an option to sort the items by price, dps, range and so on would be cool too.
  2. I love the idea of contracts, there’s a lot of potential. You could be adding some event-based contracts as well, to diversify existing ones (maybe it was done before? I’m new to the game).
  3. In addition to contracts, bounties would be awesome. I imagine there could be PvE bounties for some bosses or other stuff you have in mind for PvE mode, as well as PvP bounties issued by corporations or players themselves. Let’s say in the last battle one guy made your life so difficult, you want him suffer in next games - you go to a bounty screen, set a prize for killing him. I know it’s a bit pointless, since matches are rather random, but hey, it’s just a suggestion ;) 
  4. some more weapon types would be cool as well. It would add to the variety of the game. I can think of some like:
  • beams - thermal damage, single beam made from concentrated turrets fire - something like the beam on Death Star in Star Wars :wink: it would take some time to charge, deal damage based on the time of direct hit
  • flak cannons - kinetic damage, with small area effect, small range, intended to fend off those damn interceptors ;) 
  • wave gun - EM damage ( I know, it’s a little bit streched, but it would fit to the Thermal/Kinetic/EM damage type ), fired in arc, the further the target the bigger the arc the lower the damage
  1. New game mode - carrier battle - there’s two carriers at the opposite sides of a map, firing at each other with their big guns. The players would fight each other or help bring down the enemy ship. The match ends when one or both carriers are destroyed. Let’s say that carriers fire at each other simultaneously, so if players chose to fight each other - the game is decided based on number of kills. If players attack enemy carrier as well, they help bring it down faster, thus one carrier might stand victorious with all the players at its side. I know it would be somewhat simmilar to Combat Recone reconnaissance   mode, but a bit different as well :slight_smile: maybe it could be interceptors only, or have some other features to distinct it more.

And to end my post - I completely understand if devs choose to ignore my post completely :slight_smile: it’s your game, your vision, but as the board name says - I’m just suggesting what I would add to the game :)