Feedback & Suggestions

Hello, just thought I’d point out that I found what IceHawk said about the game to be interesting and I agree with some of the aspects he mentioned here http://forum.gaijine…nd-suggestions/

I’d like to overlap that with some of the same and with other thoughts.

–Simply put- It’s very fun and addictive! Graphics are very nice. I believe this is one of the main factors that this game has over most F2P games right now (I’m all about graphics). I like the gameplay because it feels fluid and has good pace. I love that it’s pretty straight-forward style, but the modules and different weapons give it a different dynamic. Not to mention that a player isn’t restricted to X and Y axis in battle allows for interesting flanking and strategy.

–I haven’t experienced any lag whatsoever, and I’m a U.S. player which impresses me. I really like the stability even for a beta version!

–As for balance, I really have no complaints. I’ve used all light, medium, and heavy ships for Feds and Empire with various loadouts on each and I’ve managed to perform decently in battle without any problems.

For suggestions…

-Even though the icons, colors, and visual aspects of the menus are already helpful, I would say go a step further and make them even more user friendly. Specifically the shop. I would like to be able to “flip a page” to go to a warehouse menu, rather than have ALL warehouse, shop, and equipped items in one window that requires filtering.

The current layout could still work fine- if the icons were changed a little. It’s easy to glance and see “green” for hull type and repairs, “blue” for shield… etc, but when it comes to the TYPE, like: adaptive which has two arrows in a circle, or boost with an arrow pointing up… these could be more pronounced and clearer to see at a glance.

The notification at the bottom of the item indicating if it’s installed or in the warehouse is helpful, but it doesn’t allow for quick equipping and seems like it could be more organized.

Clearer and less cluttered in short.

-As I’ve seen others mention, I would love to see upgrades for ship aesthetics that have no effect on stats. Camo, paint schemes, parts, little additions that add uniqueness and don’t change the tone or seriousness of the game.

-I would like to see “weirder” ships. Take these for example :



-This has probably been mentioned before, but I hope there are plans to change the way a player joins a battle. Personally I’m not a fan of the random battles, yet it doesn’t have to be dedicated servers either… The current method is a good way to keep balance, but it takes too long to join a battle… maybe just a button in the top left of the hangar menu that lists active battles that are waiting that allows players to instantly join one. Perhaps a filter method for regional games in the future. Ultimately I would love to see battles with less bots and more real players, what ever it takes

  • I would like to see a friends system/list implemented. Allowing for friend chat and joining each others games. (If this exists already, excuse me for missing it)

  • I’d like to have a list of my current signed faction contracts on the ‘‘ship select / scoreboard’’ screen.

  • Please don’t turn this game into a “Pay to Win” type of game. As in, don’t make the BEST weapons and equipment to be the incentive of purchasing in-game currency!

-Lastly, Im aware the game is in beta stage, but I would simply like to see more of everything! Weapon types, ships, Factions, and maps (which Im sure there are more planned)! I can see this game reaching some great success, seeing as how it’s working with the vastness and endless possibilities of space

This game looks really promising at this point. I would be willing to spend $50, maybe double in the future. Keep it up !