Feedback: Star Map

Ive played the game for a few days and id like to present my suggestion for the current map.


Personally i believe the exising map works within the confines of the current MOBA experience. However, i also belive this current design limits the possibility for future content introduction, that attempts to move beyond this core experience.


My suggestion:


I would reorganize the map into solar systems. One solar system per map. Then introduce an equal number of “locked” maps for future content introduction, but make them a part of the universe at least. Put the current cubicle map as a tactical overlay or something.


Why this?


Because it`s a sensible and intuitive organization of content that BOTH works for the current MOBA experience, but is also infinitely more ameneble to future content additions. It immediately stirrs the imagination and provides a vast array of development options. 



Further down the road lets say you have 3-5 maps within a single solar system. At that point it becomes interesting to allow travel between those maps, either through dynamic missions or allowing free roaming by players. Maybe you set up special maps with space stations where people need to go to sell stuff or recruit players for their corp.


My point is- once you reorganize the physical layout of your universe you open for greater creativity rather than limited iterations on the MOBA experience which i guess is where you currently are positioned.


Its all about options. Launching the game as a solid MOBA experience is a good idea. However you dont want to pursue too many design choices that makes it difficult to expand beyond that core experience. Keep in mind that hope of what can be, draws as many customers as actual content. When people see potential, they`ll commit with the hope of helping realize whatever potential they observe.




Brilliant idea. I love it.

then it would be like a real MMO…not just a fast space shooter like the rest. i like the game but was hoping for more free space myself. they say pve is mostly for griending money then introduce a butten next to PVP PVE saying FreeSpace that leats to a…u guesst it, free space were u could mine buy some trading loot at the int space station to sell at the flag ship or if so another system, mine some crystals at your local astro field, help a lost escape pod to reach home, shoot space pirates both AI or players…the possiblies would idd be endless


thx for a good game.

now more plz