Feedback: Regarding Camera (from a new player)

I dont know anything about how the camera used to work. Ive only played the game as it`s been since last patch.


I would like to see the following:


  1. Dynamic zoom that goes from a birds eye view, down to the current range and all the way into the cockpit

2…The option to activate tactical overlay during “birds eye view” - “range circles” and “weapons range/arc” overlays as well as “wing command functionality”

  1. “Target Tracking Camera” and “Missile Camera” - these won`t have any impact on gameplay, but make a huge difference when making movies of gameplay…


The current camera system is limiting for larger ships and won`t work if larger ships are ever introduced. Current camera system is also limiting with regards to introducing new gamplay mechanics. A wider zoom range not only eases current gameplay, but it will help unlock the imagination for further development of new mechanics and game content.


The MOBA experience is solid and fun at the moment, but i feel its important to make design choices that on the one hand help streamline gameplay, but also is flexible enough to include a wide range of new ideas and suggestions. The current camera mechanic doesnt do this.