Federation Frigates... Opinions, Suggestions

These frigates have serious issues in my opinion. I’m taking T3 frigates for example. But the pattern is the same for all tiers. In this example, I’ll be talking about the ships with highest HP&SP (all bonuses are subtracted).


Empire, Cerberus: 13.3k Hull Points (HP) - 7.7k Shield Points (SP)

Federation, Anaconda-M: 7.6k HP - 8.4k SP

Jericho, Ira Deus: 5.5k HP - 15k SP


Here comes the first problem: Empire(E) and Jericho(J) has over 20k total, while Federation(F) is stuck at 16k. In theory, you’ll be spending less time to kill (TTK) a Federation frigate. Therefore, I suggest a modest buff to their HP and SP, around 25% to be exact, which will put the total near the J/E totals. 


Second and third problems: E and J can focus on whatever they are good at, E can focus on hull, ignoring shield to a degree, and the opposite goes for J aswell. What I mean is, you can easily sacrifice your SP if you are playing with an E frigate, or ignore it, and use your passive slots to improve your HP and resistances further. Which brings me to the third problem; the modules boosting HP by 45% for example, they grant great bonuses to E frigate. But if a F frigate tries to be as tanky as J and E counterparts, they have to focus on both shields and hull in order to do so. But again, that brings me to first problem; the total is 25% below of those other frigates.


Specialization problems: Empire focuses on hull, Jericho focuses on shields, and Federation focuses on… speed. Off topic, Federation focus shouldn’t be only the speed of their ships, all movement & rotation should get bonuses; what I’m saying is lateral movement, aswell as rotation should be much better on Federation ships, which is not the case. Back to the topic, the sole advantage that a F frigate has over other frigates is, speed. And this really doesn’t help F frigates in any way. If F frigates had better lateral movement and rotation parameters, they could do better in a close range (~3k lets say) scenarios just a little bit. But this is simply not the case.


Special module problems: Any kind of explosion, lasers, and lucky shots can easily destroy drones. Which makes them terrible in what F frigates seem to designed for, and especially when you combine this with their lack of bonuses (stated above - lateral movement, rotation), their special module, drones are simply useless in most scenarios. First, lets look at the drones in general; their damage output is very low, can do well against some interceptors that likes to fly like a brick, but still… It just doesn’t worth it. Now, missile protection variant. 50 second cooldown basicly kills the purpose of this variant. The repair variant, is only usable when you are parked somewhere safe; as drones are susceptible to damage. As for detailed drone suggestions and opinions, spoiler below contains another reply on mine on another topic, related to Federation abilities in general:


In general, here are the problems of drones:

-A missile hit generally takes out both of the drones

-Lucky hits, and lasers are also capable of taking out drones. Especially lasers, your drones will not survive.

-Their bonuses are not that great - damage is inferior. Good against interceptors in general, those interceptors that do not use lateral movement that often. However;

-Missile protection variant has a very VERY long cooldown.

-Repair variant often fails, due to these drones susceptible to any form of damage, with lasers & explosions being the prime reason that you are constantly losing them.

-In general, drone cooldown is too long.


Some suggestions (not all of them are combined, naturally):

-Lower cooldown

-If you recall the drones, the cooldown should be lowered. Lets say, you can release drones every 30 seconds, if you recall them, cooldown should go down by 15, to a minimum of 5 seconds. Just an example. 

-High explosion resistance (NOT THERMAL - like the first Federation skill - to allow them survive against a torpedo and missiles), some thermal resistance (against laser blasts) better hull points, some shield with good amount of shield regen to avoid getting one-shotted by just one lucky shot (after reading these, don’t think of huge numbers. 40-50 thermal resistance, 70-ish explosion resistance, 300-ish hull, and 300-600ish shield with 70-100 regen sounds very plausible - haven’t done any math yet though)

-Missile protection variant anti-missile cooldown lowered to something around 20-25

-Repair drones capable of repairing friendlies, aswell as each other

-4 drones, not two. Or, a little bit higher damage

-The ability to target individual drones (first click targets you, second click on you will target a drone maybe?)

-Drones using your main weapon (this would be awesome, of course, a lesser version of it to even the damage out)

-… don’t know, right now their ability feels VERY weak.


I played with Federation frigates for a while. And what I tried to do, I was able to do much better with Jericho or Empire frigates. And their special modules (Disintegrator, Torpedo) is a big bonus when you compare it with Federation drones. On Empire for example, I only focused on my hull, and sacrificed SP for extra energy and stuff like that. You just cannot do so with a Federation frigate; you already have a total HP&SP penalty at the cost of more speed…


Anyway, to conclude, what I would like to see is, a modest HP & SP buff to Federation frigates, bonuses to all movement, not just top speed on all Federation ships, and drones getting a heavy overhaul. Thanks for reading this wall of text!

Most of use like the idea of the drones they just need more health maybe have vanguard heal others.

I also like the idea, but it is executed poorly in my opinion. I also mentioned vanguard drones healing others under spoilers, which would be cool in my opinion.

Got the topic moved to here.

Maybe the drones could have a small shield of their own? I know i get “Hush-Hush” TONS of times in one match if I am playing my Zealot or my Templar. Maybe make the drones able to withstand half the blast? I am not saying make them tanky, but give them maybe 2k shield with 2.5khp. or something above the amount of the blast. Not typically that people aim for the drones anyways.


At the same time, even in a fighter i have trouble taking out federation frigates, mostly because the drones can shoot you and make you feel like you are taking more damage then you actually are. Also the pulsar ability makes it hurt and feel more overwhelming when going against one of these guys. Furthermore, if you can get behind them (like with any other frigate) its pretty much over.


Honestly, i am not sure if they even need any kind of buff for hull or shields. Or even if the drones need to be buffed. Maybe there could be something to be done to make them more support like. I say this because the only role i have seen federation frigates do well at, is protecting a commander. Maybe something could be added to the drones to help them out. Maybe more of a regen buff and anti missile or something.


i dont know. just my could of ideas for yall.

Just give the drones some HP and make them take 90% reduced damage from AOE.


Problem solved, just like they did it in WOW when pets were dying to random AOE.

You do not get the truth of Fed frigate ;)wt

It is truly a fighter with powerfull module!!!


Remove all you support and survial modules, take your propulsion inhibitor, pulsar, missile defence system and warpgate, armed with close light weapon, go to the front line kill any intercepter and fighter in you sight. We are the front line frigate. If you wanna kill me, you will pay 3 or even more ships.

BTW, hide behind a big rock, do not let you expose to enemy direct firepower :taunt:

You do not get the truth of Fed frigate ;)wt

It is truly a fighter with powerfull module!!!


Remove all you support and survial modules, take your propulsion inhibitor, pulsar, missile defence system and warpgate, armed with close light weapon, go to the front line kill any intercepter and fighter in you sight. We are the front line frigate. If you wanna kill me, you will pay 3 or even more ships.

BTW, hide behind a big rock, do not let you expose to enemy direct firepower :taunt:

And, the problem is, you can do the same with other frigates BETTER. That’s the problem. Federation frigates suffer more or less 25% total HP+SP penalty. And at the cost of what? Speed. That’s the only benefit that a federation frigate has, speed. But federation ships do not have better lateral movement, or rotation parameters. Just speed.


As drones are susceptible to any form of damage, you can ignore drones 90% of the time aswell. So that leaves you with nothing essentially; while you have a torpedo/disintegrator ready to shoot whenever you want, on top of that 25% HP+SP bonus that other frigates has.

What I do with my fed frig is spawn in the drones at the start of the battle, so once I get into a fight the cool down resets and I can spawn new ones when I lose them. Though it would be nice if the drones gave you some type of barrier that can take a few hits after going down. Like a second shield. But I like my fed frigate, the vanguard drones work wonders. The armada are rather underpowered compared to modules but still its a functional effect. Basic drones do add DPS but also die rather quick.

You do not get the truth of Fed frigate ;)wt

It is truly a fighter with powerfull module!!!


Remove all you support and survial modules, take your propulsion inhibitor, pulsar, missile defence system and warpgate, armed with close light weapon, go to the front line kill any intercepter and fighter in you sight. We are the front line frigate. If you wanna kill me, you will pay 3 or even more ships.

BTW, hide behind a big rock, do not let you expose to enemy direct firepower :taunt:


I agree with this a lot. Especially for lower skill matches. 


A well placed and equiped federation frigate can solo defend a key point against 3 or 4 interceptors and a fighter easily. those drones are extremely annoying. being able to hard-counter J torpedos, as they have similar cooldowns after taking into account distance the torp needs to travel. 


Frigates are the strongest ships atm. they really do not need any buffs, but some adjustements would be welcome. but I honestly feel they should be on the other ships. Frigates feel and play nice right now. 


They have one real weakness, and the fed frigates are the best equiped to deal with it. drones+pulsar means you can destroy any fast moving ship near you easily. especially since they are the most mobile frigate close range. 



I like piloting an interceptor the best. the only time i can take on a fed frigate is when all of the following are met: 1) they have no pulsar 2) they have mass shield/hull mods 3) someone already killed the drones. Otherwise they need to be already mostly dead. 


The J and E frigates I can take easily in my interceptor, provided I can outlast the pulsar if they have it equiped. after that all i need to do is dance around them all day. 


The only time I really see a fed frigate struggling is when they are going against other frigates, or they are just bad pilots. 

If you think Fed Frigs suck, maybe you should learn to fly them properly.

I agree that the Fed Frigs need some buffs. compared to the other ships the fed frigs are nearly worthless. the other frigates do what the fed frigs can do, but better. the pulsar should not be needed for the ship to be good. and the frigates in general, for being such large ships, their resistances are quite low. I would say that the fighters are the most powerful and versatile ships. They are fast have good maneuverability, have the highest resistance, and buff damage. With the damage buff and the targeting beacon I do more damage with my fighter then the frigate. Frigates are large and are easy to target for full damage so their higher HP and shields don’t make much difference. My fighter survives way longer in a fight then my frigate. also I have only used federation. 

I’d be happy with one major change: 


Give drones 80% or so explosion resistance.  Basically, enough to survive up to cruise missile impact (or rather, its explosion after it hits the main ship) with absolute certainty if they are undamaged. 

Interceptors must be NRFT big time for 50% to armor and shield and weapons for 15-20%  they are overpowered ?? whay do you ask, Interceptors are smal with no resistance. Gunships and frigate are little big bigger sow they hef more fire power and resistance.

Interceptors are made for speed and and webing and small tings like EMP and sow on not Owertanking not a single Interceptors will able to kiil bigest ship no whey ? ok maybe with 2 more playes but one no whey.

how about this, ur fed frigate shield protects ur drone so u have to take down the frigate’s shield before u could damage the drones,

imho the only thing fed frigs need is (where i agree with OP):

More lateral / rotation speed, to make them true close range brawlers

More health to drones


A tiny bit of damage buff would help to make them true brawlers.

All the drones need really are a -95% reduction from AOE damage and they will be fine.


Other than that I think the Fed Frigs are more than fine.

I enjoy playing my Federation Frigate at times.  I use the Alligator-M class.  Anti-Missile defense with the drones deployed means even a Cluster Missile Salvo has a massively reduced effectiveness on me.  The main problem with the Federation Frigates is the lower base numbers for Hull and shields as stated by the OP. 


Not sure, but the Devs may be better with an average on the Hull and Shields, meaning average the number Hull between Empire hull and Jericho Hull, average the Shield between Empire and Jericho Shield.  But at the same time, this has the side effect of making the Federation Frigates unable to effectively boost either Hull or Shield to meaningful numbers.

Giving the Federation more speed as a Bonus to compensate for the lack of higher Hull and Shields is rather counter productive personally, unless you increase the movement speeds as well.  What is the use of flying just a little bit faster on a frigate if it cannot maneuver better that the Frigates that have better shields or Hulls.


If the Devs decide to not increase the amount of Hull and Shield for the Federation Frigates, then they could go with higher resistances or the Modules for resistance have a greater effect on the Federation Frigates.


Once the game is back online I can check numbers more effectively and make sure I’m posting this idea correctly.  I really hate unscheduled maintenance, that shuts a server down unless there is a major problem that is. LOL.

You are doing it so wrong if you try to tank a Fed Frig…


Acid Hydra won’t go past 200m/s where as Fed Frigs do ~320m/s.

320m/s is very fast for a T2 Frigate, easily enough speed to survive on speed alone.

Sorry, i have to del my post, because i mistake the place where i wrote :smiley:


Anyway, Federation Frigs are looks awsome, dont own one tho, but i can tell, they look sexy.