Federation Drones

To increase the effectiveness of the Federation’s special weapon, I propose that the launched drone’s attack projectile becomes instant, like pulsar attacks.

Edit: They would not be able to fire through objects, but rather they would not miss.

Interesting concept. The pulsars are technically NOT lazers but single burst of plasma that looks like a lazer (Hence the blue color)


would change up the combat and balance of the game…really interesting…





I’d prefer idea #8 in 6. Ships on this thread




Making drones shoot through rocks (btw I think that’s not what the pulsar is supposed to do? It’*s illogical anyway) wouldn’t really increase their effectiveness since their many flaws still remain.

I don’t think you understand what “increase their effectiveness” means…

let’s look at it this way then.


  1. Drones shooting through rocks would make it impossible for the frigate to approach any position covertly with drones out.


  1. Since they die so easily having drones out at all times and being able to restore them once they go down is the best course of action


  1. Considering the fact that inside the drone firing range it’s highly unlikely that an interceptor or fighter involved in a dogfight will hop around on the other side of asteroids much, it’s pointless either way and will draw away much needed fire for protection should a random enemy pass by, as well as needlessly pulling him into an already ongoing fight


As such, this idea would actually reduce drone effectiveness in a lot of situations.

To be honest I was more concerned with their miss rate than their ability to fire through objects, maybe I should clarify.

I haven’t seen a drone miss even once oo

The drones bonus are bigger deal then the damage they add and I see the damage as just a bonus.


I wish you could recall drones with out triggering the cooldown that allow us to protect them somewhat and I think everyone on the same page that they need more health.


I would love love love love if the Vanguard heal others also even if that meant they didn’t shoot anymore.