Federation Drones RIP

Been in beta for sometime and most of us on here said the drones needed buff but like them. We posted all kinds of ways to improve the drones.


Patch hits and the two higher tier drones are just gone now.


I was wrong Armada Drones are gone Vanguard are now call Combat.

i really dont like how they have allowed the factions special abilities to be used in all other factions i.e combat drones for one being used by empire. to me it takes way some of the uniqueness of the factions themselves. also dont like how they have removed subfaction uniqueness of the special abilities i.e. Armada Drones vs Vanguard. overall i am not liking this latest patch and where it stands currently i wont be playing as much as i used too i really hope it doesnt stay the way it now.

Im not sure for other ships but on my cerberus 2 the drones will heal even though it doenst say

Indeed. If you’d actually tried using them before complaining you’d see that all drones are now Warden drones and will heal you.

We still lost the Armada Drones, and the reason I didn’t test is was because all my high tier ships I own are guard verison.