Fang [Ship]

A recent experiment by the Jericho engineers revealed an interesting property of shields that allows them to be condensed in to a gradual focal point. Initially they saw no use for it, as it left the ship mostly vulnerable; but when they showed it to a local mercenary squad they found its true potential. The mercs immediately saw its use in combat and proved that it wasn’t just another random feature to be overlooked. Though once they returned from their testing grounds, they saw that their shield emitters were almost completely burnt out and much of the hull around them was scorched. To solve this, the Jericho engineers developed a special ship on the chassis of an old Dagger that was built for the sole purpose of utilizing this new feature. With their new creation, the “Fang”, on the market, a new dynamic was brought to the battlefield. Old Terran scholars did say many years ago that “a good defense will kill your enemies for you” (a rough translation) and boy were they right!


Name: Fang

Rank: 11

Type: Jericho Covert Ops Interceptor


Appearance: That of a black and gold Dagger, but maybe with a sharper front end and a big “shield generator” looking structure in the middle with blue sparks coming off of it.


Special module: Fang Shields

Recharge: 1 second

Energy: 50pts

Tooltip: The Fang Shield Module switches the shield between three modes:

-Standard shielding: Your average spherical shield. Increases resistance by 25pts.

-Fang Condenser: Focuses the shield in to a point at the front of the ship and increases resistances by 250pts. The shield spike deals tremendous EM damage when held on a target while the shield is up. The rear of the ship is completely unshielded.

-Monk Shields: Slightly focuses the shields to the front and rear of the ship, leaving a ring in the middle with no shield. Increases resistances by 150pts. Increases max speed and energy regeneration by 15%.


Primary Weapon: Fang Bite

Damage: low

RoF: high

Speed: high

Spread: medium

Range: medium

Tooltip: Holding the trigger fires quick projectiles that will reduce the target’s resistance to all damage by 1pt stacking up to 75pts. Tapping the trigger once will fire a zeroed-in phasic laser pulse that penetrates the target with high damage and quick overheating.


Passive hull module: Shed Hull

Tooltip: Once every 15 seconds will break all negative effects on the ship for 1 second and restore 500 hull points.


Unlocked when the player reaches rank 15 in Jericho.

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