Factions and the necessity to switch

Hello honored developers,


let me first congratulate you to the most awesome space shooter and game in general. I am very satisfied with the gaming expierience and I am very looking forward to what the future of Star Conflict will bring.


However there is one subject I would like to direct your attention to:

As a very loyal roleplayer, it grieves me that I have to change and switch factions in Order to get all upgrades for mz favorite Modules.


I understand the concept of the loyalty vouchers, but it impairs the gaming expierience in my opinion, since you cannot choose to stay with one side forever.


Therefore, I have a few suggestions:


Make the factions more important in the game, buff up the story a little by implementing a little single player mission and afterwards listen to the community for suggestions. I imagine many players crave for the expieriences of their childhood à la “Freelancer” and would welcome more than just daily missions and would gladly pay for some special space adventures. All others can go on and play freemium as it is.

Make the player feel at home and identify himself with his fraction. You already have a very good lore to start with and many authors are cheap to come by. I Suggest a contest where some authors lay something in front of you and you choose the best option. Everybody wins there. With the tools you already have, it shouldn’t make as much of an effort, as designing a complete new game.


If the feedback from the community is positive, you can implement more, if not, let it go. It’s a good chance in any case, if the story is made well.


Also instead of rewarding jumping from one faction to another, you could have some kind of character classes:

F.e.:The “mercenary” who serves noone and uses all tools and available technology can use all modules of all facions, but he will never have the priviliges of an higher “Officer” of the Empire. What privileges may that be? I don’t know. But I imagine it would work well with changing the mechanic of the crew and the implants.

Anyway, it is up to you and I would love a discussion about that topic, since I strongly identify with the empire, but have to switch to the other factions frequently to get my desired upgrades.

Alternatively I am just looking very forward to your expansion of the open space universe.


Have fun and thank you again for developing this wonderful game, patches and upcoming patches,