Faction Uniqueness

I suggest to make a few modules available for all ships of a certain faction to give them (the factions) some additional uniqueness. The idea behind this is that many ships of different factions feel too similar at the moment.

It doesn’t really make a difference if you choose an imperial command ship or a jericho one.

(This suggestion would bring the imperial one closer to a high damage fighter, while the jericho version would get an increases durability.)

I choose this approach in order to keep the implementation for the devs as simple as possible.


Empire: Imperial ships tend to focus on firepower and hull strength.

The ‘Meteor’ passive modifier represents this doctrine well, the ‘Matter Transformer’ underlines the oppressive nature of that faction.


Meteor.jpg.800b3acc205df0bc94fd9d9ff80f2e1f.jpg MatterTransformer.jpg.d39da9fc7281286e3b9f4fc10b6c06d5.jpg

Federation: The Federation focuses on fast ships with frequent hit and run attacks. The ‘change’ of the Adaptive Shield also hurt these ships. The ‘Adaptive Membrane’ fixes the loss of the Adaptive Shields hull resistance and the ‘Module Cooler’ allows a more dynamic gameplay.


AdaptiveMembrane.jpg.2d69929a8258b7ff6796b7e67d03a316.jpg ModuleCooler.jpg.7e4fcc7db403ff75f6cb5c69ef374389.jpg

Jericho: Jericho ships tend to focus on defenses, particulary shield strenght and regeneration. The Static Shield Regenerator would allow these ships to utilize high shield volumes more effectively without long downtimes. Its effectiveness is too high however. Its regenetation should be decreased across the board and depend on the ship size. The Pulsating Shield will allow increased close range protection to counter the large shield hitbox disadvantage at close ranges.


StaticShield.jpg.a73a5063fb8dc34b8c6ef3c977647769.jpg PulsatingShield.jpg.e2bfca97bfb8986864e0e99eecd92262.jpg



Each individual module parameter is subject to balance changes.

Other modules may be choosen over the ones that I suggested here aswell.


Please discuss! ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

I pretty much agree to what you said, except that i don’t want to see static shields on a Jericho ship, especially guard/lrf and ecm/covops