Faction based Special Module features.

By faction I mean Empire, Jerico and Federation.


By features, I mean alterations that compliment or cover up for the differences between the various factions.

Also because it’s boring for everyone to use the generic ones.


Bullet-points! GO!


-Covert Ops interceptors:

  • Federation: Reduce target healing - Federation uses mostly fragile and undergunned ships, so they would logically develop tech to prevent the enemy from outsustaining their damage.
  • Jericho: Drain target energy - Jericho forces rely heavily on their special equipment, which would likely make them see value in preventing the enemy from using theirs.

-Recon Interceptors:

  • Empire: Reduced cooldown - Empire ships are slow, for a recon ship, that’s unacceptable. A more frequently available warp engine lets them fulfill their design purpose.
  • Federation: Reduced damage while charging - Did I mention Federation ships being fragile? Their base speed is what gets them around, but when they’re forced to make the jump, they probably have a very good reason to be ~18 kilometers away from their current location.

-ECM Interceptors:

  • Jericho: Longer stun duration - Jericho likes their gadgets, and they make them better than the others.
  • Empire: Shorter charge time - Empire interceptors are nearly as tough as other faction’s fighters, so they wouldn’t be wasting time being out of action while charging some silly module.

-Tackler Fighters:

  • Federation: Shorter cooldown - I’m probably repeating myself at this point, but Federation ships are fragile, even the fighters. Being able to break out of combat more often would be critical to their survival.
  • Jericho: Longer duration - Let’s be honest, recovering those massive shields takes a while, so it’s probably best nobody interrupts it.

-Gunship Fighters:

  • Empire: Improved mobility bonuses - Empire ships may be tough and pack the big guns, but that ain’t worth much if your target files circles around you.
  • Federation: Additional resistances - Federation ships are fragile, so when they have to go in, they should at least be able to go in without the fear of instantly melting under fire.

-Command Fighters:

  • Jericho: Lower cooldown - Jericho shields can easily recover from damage, but also run out often. It’s only natural to have one be up while the other is down, and vice-versa.
  • Empire: Better conversion rate - Empire pilots deal with their problems via brute force. It’s only logical for their special equipment to match that approach.

-Engineering Frigates:

  • Federation: Stronger healing - With their reliance on repurposing civilian ships, it would stand to reason that Federation has some pretty rad tech keeping those ships combat ready.
  • Empire: More damage - Guns! Bigger guns! Pew Pew Pew! Empire and all that stuff.

-Guard Frigates:

  • Jericho: Hull repair conversion - Their hulls are almost as fragile as Federation ships.
  • Federation: Stronger defensive bonus - See above.

-Long Range Frigates:

  • No changes here, missiles and sniper lasers are already different enough.

+1, bring some difference to the factions

+1 as well.


Fed tacklers might benefit from having the original Vanguard bonus: no decloaking due to damage taken. That would certainly increase their longevity, especially since they usually have the speed to dart in and kill something, but lack the durability to get out in time. The occasional stray shot can be deadly when it reveals the cloaked tackler.


I would also like to see the original bonus from the Wardens for the Imperial long range frigates. Currently, LRFs don’t really have much power: the DoT can help make Imperial LRFs more deadly (while keeping in line with the emphasis on damage). I’m not sure if the original Raid and Tech bonuses would be good: faster torpedoes can be more difficult to control, and larger blast radiuses can lead to spamming in game modes with reduced friendly fire. The Legion’s bonus (draining energy) might work out for Jericho, seeing how the torpedo can be used for area denial.

+1, bring some difference to the factions

They had enough differences, but devs went FULL xxxx, and deleted them! Yeey for crappy devs!

Not trying to hi-jack your thread. Just wanted to show you that I had a similar idea awhile back. Sadly, it didn’t get a whole lot of attention.


[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/19261-tech-tree-refinement-and-sub-faction-specials/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19261-tech-tree-refinement-and-sub-faction-specials/)

I’d rather have the ship tree redone tbh so… [this](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19261-tech-tree-refinement-and-sub-faction-specials/)

-Guard Frigates:

  • Empire: Stronger offensive bonus - See above.
  • Federation: Stronger defensive bonus - See above.


Empire doesnt have guard frigates… Jericho does. Not to nitpick as I like the ideas

Empire doesnt have guard frigates… Jericho does. Not to nitpick as I like the ideas


Le fix has been deployed.

I only now realise the grave mistake I made in choosing Federation ships over Jericho ships…