[F]Add some torrent link

This is because you need to download the changed files.

So… everytime when patch will come out… we will download the full game again?

At the moment yes, but I hope there will be some changes in the future.

U kidding us right? With every patch download almost all game again with 30kbps. Its nice! :014j:

As already mentioned we are locking for a solution for the slow download speed.

Magnet link for todays update:


This is so silly. The launcher seams to stop the upload as soon as the download is done. As a result leecher never turn into seeder. On top of that most leechers will be behind a router. Since the user is not told what port to laucher is using, nobody can set a port forward in his or her router and as such wont be a connectable peer.

Whoever has designed that crap obviously don’t know how p2p protocols work.

Right now there are 999 leecher and 40 seeders. The latter number never changes. And game companies wonder why most folk prefer the piratebay.


Updated magnet link. In contrast of the launcher µtorrent will skip 98.5% of the download.

Thank you, gfldex. This is really helpful. Where did you find it?

I think it sucks that you have to download whole game after update.

It’s all in the game folder. Renaming a .torrent wont make it not a torrent. Same for zips.

Thanks for clarifying this. I was about to file a bug report too ;)wop .

But I really think you need some kind of incremental update that downloads only the changed parts. Otherwise many people with slow connections will be unhappy. In my case, it is about three hours to download this patch (DSL 2Mbit/s), and my gaming session this evening got killed by it…

I have a 7mb/s connection and it took me 8 hours to download. This is ridiculous…

With each update you need to give us a valid torrent link we can use to download the game with uTorrent or other torrent clients. This way we can seed the game after finishing the download so we can help other people get the game… Until you fix the download process, this is the best solution for now.

For me client is downloading for about 15hrs now with avg speed arround 10kbp/s. Wow O.O

Well, I somehow managed to solve my download problems. On the launcher download progress bar there’s a gray text that says “Network OK” or something else. In my case it said that ports were blocked. So, I just turned of the firewall.

DL speed went from 15-25 kbps to 100+ (1 mbps connection)

3h 30m to go :005j:

Should have noticed this sooner. I could be playing right now =/

Stupid gray text…

any new’s about when there will be a fix for download speeds?

i’m downloading 77kb/s and i can download up to 3.5mb/s at best.

Well, I see the download has been f’d up, so I think I will pass on this previously-long-awaited beta, and spread the bad news.

Is it realy so hard to contact the programmers and fix this downloading problem.I don’t think its so hard to fix that it would take weeks.

Is it realy so hard to contact the programmers and fix this downloading problem.I don’t think its so hard to fix that it would take weeks.

We don’t even need the programmers to actually fix anything to make it significantly less painful. Just posting a torrent or magnet link (as gfldex did) allows us to use a proven bittorrent client. My download of the last patch was only a couple of hours using uTorrent. Then the dev team can get on with whatever they think important, while we don’t have to suffer 15-20 hour downloads.

Sooner or later, we’re going to HAVE to have a better patching solution, but it isn’t really a must-have in the next few weeks.



Thanks for the link, glfdex my friend, but WHERE are you finding this info?

How am I going to get my fix if something happens to you? LOL