[F]Adaptive Camo

Maybe that should make you drop the bomb? As it’s pretty overpowerd otherwise?

Tough to say, first thing I thought of when I saw it was bomb running, it has limited uses outside of bomb running, if its going to make you drop the bomb it needs extended duration &/or needs to stay on through weapon use.

Limited use? I can fly through massive enemy blobs and not be bothered with this on or pop it and sneak around an asteroid to lose my attacker and make a getaway very easily. It’s very powerful when coupled with plasma arc because you can sneak up behind frigates without them dropping a minefield to scupper your plasma arc run.

As for staying on through weapon use, holy overpowered insanity batman. What are you smoking?


I actually raised it working while carrying the bomb as a bug in the modules section, because it’s really ridiculous. I pretty much serially carried the bomb yesterday in detonation matches. Planted one bomb right under the nose of 2 frigates because they couldn’t see me.

Quick solution: enemy can’t lock on you but they can still see the EMP Bomb moving

Infact the adaptive camo does not make you invisible, it just makes you untargetable, i have still died some time even after using it


But yes, as it stands it is a bit OP

Indeed, I think other than bomb carrying camo is pretty balanced.

If you mean show up on the map and a reticle in space, but not be lockable, yes, that actually sounds like it’d work. It’d still make you immune to tackle and stasis though, which still might be a bit OP

Tbh I don’t think it’d be a big problem to just make it act like cloaks do, and you can’t carry the bomb while it’s on, and it’d be simpler to implement.

Eh , if im right therefor are Recon units , so you just decide if the enemy play a Covert Ops ship if you play also one , or preferable take the counter part the recon


And btw. i am also able to shoot down a Covert Ops ship if covert , its needs just a little aim and good eyes :wink:



PS: And its also very usefull for Cap hunting . 1 debuffer + 1 Covert Ops ship or just a little support and it is doable :wink:

Recon isn’t really a solution atm. Spy Drones will stop them from using camo, but if you don’t get them on before he uses it you can’t target him to apply them after. The micro-locator works, but it has a pretty short range and long cooldown, so you can snap him out of it if you see him use camo and you’re still close, but camping a beacon waiting for him to show up isn’t easy since you’ll only see him in the last 2k (and good luck burning down an inty with full HP in 2k and bomb plant time). Bear in mind also that with his 20s duration he can pick pretty much any beacon on the map to fly to, and you could only stake out one beacon that way.


But to reiterate, the only real problem with it is bomb carrying. Everything else about camo is about right imo.

It’s more than just a radar issue. It also prevents stuns, slows, missiles and target lead indicators. You are only somewhat vulnerable to laser fire. I think it’s better than stealth. I don’t remember it ever failing to save my life in the last 2 days.

If I see intie using it, and even if i can still see him, I no longer bother with him, and if he is carying bomb, then that beacon is as good as dead, just try to protect the next one. It is quite OP.

Aim + map awareness = problem solved. You can see the trace in the space anyway. Use a Recon to counter it too.

Aim + map awareness = problem solved. You can see the trace in the space anyway. Use a Recon to counter it too.

Well done for completely ignoring everything previously said in this thread.

Well done for completely ignoring *everything* everyone else has said in this thread.

Thank you.

Aim as a counter is meaningless. It can be used to justify almost anything. A ship that can only be damaged if you hit the cockpit? Just aim for it, perfectly balanced.

A ship that can go down very fast with 2 shots? Yeah, very difficult.

2 shots to kill your covops?

You’re clearly just trolling then. Mystery solved.

A ship that can go down very fast with 2 shots? Yeah, very difficult.


That’s true for the other interceptor roles,too. Again, meaningless. The point is that the other interceptor roles have a lot more to deal with that Adaptive Camo counters.

Use RECON inty he counters covers in bomb runs big time. Whoever is saying that recon is not good enough to counter - 1 recon ship is good for countering 2-3 coverops. On many ocasions i was the only Recon vs 3-4 Cover ops not a single time  Cover Op dragged a bomb to the beacon due to his camo, not once. Drones are 20-23 sec CD, 120 sec duration. Aoe reveal is good enough - you spawn charge to the bomb - you gonna run past 1 Beacon anywas most of the time, put your reveal, just have to think a little bit where to put it, that`s it. Your Recon inty can have Energy drain missiles - even if you can not target CoverOp you can hit him with aoe from energy drain - he wont run far.

 Another thing is you have to know how far can camo drag a bomb, its simple math really, for example in T2 even using fastest possible coverop inty you cant drag it further then 7k in strait line, no strafes, no obstacles. in T3 its it gets more problematic, but you can apply drones from so far away and you have a warp drive to get to the beacon to drop aoe and stop a CoverOp.


TL;DR: Adaptive Camo is fine, and in a week even below average PUGers will understand how to counter that. it is extremely easy.


For those who is in T2 use damn Dwarf Recon inty - it has extreame range for modules

it needs to make you drop the bomb, otherwise its the same as a cloak, since i watched and trailed a guy who ran right through my whole team and none of them noticed him except for me, its way to overpowered

it should make you drop the bomb.


It is still VERY effective in captain mode. I assasinated 3 captains so far with it. All Hail Plasma Arch!

The problem is , as i see it in every Emp game, too less people take recon ships into fight . Usually if i dont take my covert ops ships but  my Recon one , im the only recon ship out there. And when with my covert ops no one has a recon.


A single Recon ship cannot protect all 3 beacons . But 2 or 3 can very effectively counter covert ops. And honestly , i prefer having a fast turning Recon ship at my beacon then a Guard Frig .


May be with Recon ship you are not the brawler of Kings , but reconning covert or invible ships which then CAN get shot down should give you a good feeling for the entire match :slight_smile:



should be on your mind when playing a recon ship or when you are a covert ops ship , hear when you see a Recon ship :stuck_out_tongue:



So i think the problem is not camo being OP , but Recon is underused.


PS: but i think the recon beacon needs a little imporoving , may be a faster cooldown , so you can redeploy it faster to a new position .