Extra differences between faction destroyers

I thought it might add more variety to the different models of destroyer if each had a module unique to that particular ship. To give an example for each ship:


Invincible - spine mounted thermal artillery cannon, aimed with the ship, not the mouse.

Procyon -  Assault drone bay, launches heavy combat drones with low velocity EM weaponry.

Archon - Guardian shield, projects a large barrier with limited strength that protects all allies within from outside harm, but enemies inside are unaffected.


I mean, feel free to pick those apart and how they’re gonna break things further, but it’s just a general idea to add more flavor to the destroyers and fit their faction technologies better, they can be adjusted in other ways to accommodate having more capabilities.

Do we really need this? Each Ship has its own characteristics and modulelayout and different levelbonuses.

No other shipclass have such a difference between the factions.

+1 to destroyer main specials