Extra Channels

One for players, be it in Open Space or docked, on each side of the faction, where, for example, people in Federation space can chat to each other docked on that side of the conflict and once you change stations, your channel changes to that area. This means that you’ll be able to ask for assistance, tell people what’s going on in that side of the conflict, etc. and communicate to people what’s going on in Open Space in that sector.



“There’s some hunters (players) in Felony Border. Warning to anyone going into Open Space.”

“Things are looking really bad in Fort Muerto right now, there’s 2 corps dueling each other”

Don’t know why anyone would say those things (maybe except the first one), however, I think this would be a neat idea.

You an do that in English chat anyway!

Either that or make global chats actually global as opposed to just who’s in game.

Might be implemented next year (when we will start our work with OS)