extended hull & spatial scanner


you get extra 3% synergy from upgrading modules with GS.

but when it comes to extended hull & spatial scanner, you buy them with GS but get zero synergy bonus.

so here I suggest, that extended hull & spatial scanner should get the 3% synergy bonus as well.



The more storage space, and a mysterious container is not enough, as a bonus?  ![:):](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/).png “:):”)

I wouldn’t worry about those 3%. It’s meant for OS as a primary focus. It’s all about their functions.

You should also know, that these 2 items don’t stack with Infrared Scanner and or any hull related module, which increases hit-points, which means, no penalties!

I like the suggestion. Can’t hurt to make such a small change, and it increases quality of life for those who actually shell out money.