Extended Cassette [Module]

Name: Extended Cassette

Type: Passive Hull Module

Tooltip: “Adds 35% of your current missile total, or a minimum of 1 missiles to your cassette.”

I wouldn’t support this.  Maybe it’d be cool when combined with Cruise Missles or any fighter missles, but what about Blue Torpedos?  Tacitcal Nukes?  The unguided interceptor missles?  I think it can provide a little too much imbalance in a lot of gameplay

NO to any Fox’s missile change ideas.

NO to any Fox’s missile change ideas.

^ This, exactly.

So instead of 3 torps you get 4. So what.

And given that it’s a hull mod, you will be allowed less missile spam as missiles increase, because improved pylons are also hull.

Maybe as ammunition… because: why hull module? Ammunition because you can boost missiles instead of normal weapon… but for me personally too many missiles are annoying!