Expert vs Basic control

Which one do you use? Why?

E, because i have much more control over my actions.


i need turret arcs to fry little flies like them interceptors.


Miss a real turret view though.

Just found a very important feature…



Strafing while using AB switches off AB



Strafing doesn’t effect AB


Is this a bug??? Think so!

I think basic is interesting for frigates.

I have no idea which one does what. Can someone explain the differences?

Basic control: You point the direction to your ship go. Yours weapons fire in 360° 3D

Expert Control: You control your ship movement in third person (Chase view)

Wow, are you serious? There are no turret arcs in this game? 


Seems like there is, but this mode defeats… dunno.


Basic mode should be default and mandatory for Frigates

Expert mode should be default and mandatory for Interceptors

A button to switch between should be added, to be used with Fighters


that’s my opinion

Basic only for frigates


Interceptor and fighter expert

Ah wait he didn’t eplain it correctly.


Basic control:

it is a free look camera and your ship WILL automatically maneuver,

so it is changing its flying direction to your aiming cursor,

REGARDLESS of obstacles.


You can shoot behind your ship, to it’s sides or below,

but only with a maximum of TWO turrets at a time.


Expert control:

fixed camera behind the ship,

you will move the ship minimally by aiming,

all turrets can fire to the pointed direction.


So Expert camera reduces you to a maybe 100° angle point of view, where your turrets can target the enemy ship.



Basic is useful for all weapons except Heavies and for evading.

Expert is good for full firepower and heavy guns.


In beta 0.5x you had a keybinding for the “Turret view”

allowing you to look freely around your ship and shoot at enemies without changing course, except for when you used the acceleration or strafing keys.

You could fly loopings, or just create an epic speed frig orbiting the map at 12km out of scanner range sniping the enemy with stabilized rails.

Miss it dearly;)