Expert Control Mode

As on now there is really no point to using expert mode. All it does is make it harder to move/shoot/control. I say when expert mode is used, the player is given a slight boost or bonus, like maybe a damage and speed boost or something. It just needs to become useful. All it is atm is an inhibitor.

Such a feature is not planned.



 the player is given a slight boost or bonus



Please elaborate on comments. Facepalms or telling me it is “not planned” is quite useless. ^^;

“Not planned” shouldn’t be equal to “never going to happen”.

Expert mode is as it’s name suggest… for experts, since it limits the ships turrets to your field of view as well as the ship constantly keeping in line with the crosshairs. I’ve also heard rumours that it is easier to play with than basic mode if you’re running a high ping… not sure if that’s true though.

All it does is make the game more difficult. Not sure why anyone would really use it. :confused:

Then dont use it.


Problemed solved.

I don’t. ^^

Harder to control the ship?


It make it harder to shoot at target, yes, but the control is way easier for escape / turning around cover without hitting them, when you have a high speed / high rotation ship (above 500 speed at least). + you don’t have to assign key to rotate and can strafe / roll.


I agree it have nothing to to with expert / standard piloting skill though.