this is probably gonna get shut down but anyway it would be interesting to see a discussion evoled around it.


experimental frigate classes. perhaps even craftable.

that each faction would have the frigate class that it DOESNT have, except with silghtly different special modules. all ships would however be inferior to main class of its sort.


lets say for example:

jerico engineer - with normal engineering modules, but not combat drones. instead it would deploy stationary weapons platform…either missile turret. (easy to dodge for smaller craft, annoyance for bigger).

slow speed, better shields. jerry style.

it would act as good support for jerry guards and for holding important places.

i can think up many way to counter it, so its no way near OP.


federation sniper - also with all normal sniper modules, but for a special module it would have something similar to gunships overdrive, just for a bigger toys. it would give boost to range and damage to main guns…perhaps small RoF too…but it would render ships immobile and would take few seconds to enter and exit the overdrive mode…so it wouldnt be insta super sayan mode everytime enemy would appear, but it would require some tactic when and why deploying this ‘firestorm’ mode. it would last for a limited time and have cooldown so it couldnt be spammed. projectiles would glow (and make ‘whooooosh’ sounds) when firing from overdive mode, wich would make it clear that someone has gone super sayan ;D (or tha female voice: “danger!” could do the trick)


empire guard… i dont have any good ideas for it. it would have to be slower than jercio guard, thats for sure. probably hull tanky. and if it would have diffuse mode for hull it would just be OP. so perhaps instead of diffuse module, it would come with built in nuke. that would have 5 sec timer or something and movement, firing and using modules would be prevented, like those devastator tanks in dune 2000, that shut down and start to spark before they blew up (if you told them to do so). killing it before the timer wouldnt trigger the nuke. yeah…that could be good. slow, tanky and totaly suicidal

I agree with each faction having the class they never had, however, I do not agree with having certain modules not allowed to be used.

the point is to make them somewhat in their dedicated class, yet different, with their own unique special abilities, yet overall inferior to its original counterparts. experimental

if a ship was overall inferior, would anybody be willing to grind a ton of Materials for crafting it? I don’t know, i personally wouldn’t.

way too hard to balance.
Federation sniper with Mortars and overdrive ? Yes, please.
I remember playing Federation frigates back in 0.7.x and I liked the extra firepower drones provided.

But all in all ALL I WANT is the sub-faction module modifications back. They gave us a hint/taste with the craftable ships, so that feature is not forgotten forever !

I support the idea of the ‘experimental’ classes but I don’t think that they should lose out on their special modules that the regular ships have. The only problem with introducing it would be the Federation LRF, as Empire has Disentergrator and Jericho has the Guided missile, both of which deal thermal based damage (so what would the feds use?).

Feds would use RC drones. Duh.

this wouldnt work and mix all kind of modules/ship/coding


There are more ships to come