"Experimental" ships/weapons

It would be so awesome if there were little ships and modules and weapons here and there that were unlike anything else. 5)36 should have strange stats and look weird or like early versions of other ships. Because they are so odd and different, they would have their own “tree”. They could just be the doodles of asset designers or unfinished projects with random stats. They should only be found after battle extremely rarely like Easter-eggs or through other random means. They should not be purchasable by any means.

It would just be cool to see some strange new and entirely unique ships and weapons and modules.

cosmetic weapon appearances and weapon effects, shield appearances, ship appearances, engine trails, active and semi passive module effects, sound effects, would all sell really well and are not pay to win in any way shape or form.

Interesting idea but i’d go for a buy option o this one. Too much loot messes up everything.

1 hour ago, ORCA1911 said:

Interesting idea but i’d go for a buy option o this one. Too much loot messes up everything.

It would be so rare it wouldn’t matter. It would show you just who is dedicated to the game and plays a ton. (Or got REALLY lucky!)

Problem is that it’ll requires them to fix bugs and balance something that was scrapped. 

39 minutes ago, Swifter43021 said:

Problem is that it’ll requires them to fix bugs and balance something that was scrapped. 

Not at all. It just requires them to take scraps and apply a generalised code generator to it for stats. So they would put the models in, press go, and a file would be generated for each of the models with random stats assigned to it, within reason. Large gaps in balance would of course have to be fixed, but for the most part it would already be completed. There is a much quicker way to do what the devs are doing right now but for whatever reason they choose not to do it. They could easily outsource it to the forum population even. And just do like Kosty has done and reward participants with small sums of GS or other prizes.

Code generator doesn’t exist. 

You’re probably thinking about internal dev tools that can generate conf files. It’s more data generator then code generator.


Anyway, they DO have things like that obviously. Absolutely all large scale IT company (and SC is one) have tools like this. 

And even if they did it manually, it’s not that which takes long. It’s the creative part : Create the model, think of a bunch of new items/mods, … And it’s not something a tool to pack a model + some stats + some spells can do.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re asking to use ideas that were scraped.

If they were scraped in the first place, it’s for a reason don’t you think so ?



Finally, for the “Tool they can release to the community to create ships” : Useless

Why ? How do you create new mods/active without being able to code ?

And you won’t be able to test it in-game anyway, because it’s only in your computer (And it’s not trackmania, you don’t want to synchronize ships with every single players, especially in OS).

 So it’s too much work for something you can easily do with a few word on the forum, or submitting a drawing/3D model of a ship.



What could be cool instead, would be an API to be able to get all the infos devs allow us to get or display text in the 3D world (local only).

So that for example, with a proper API, fans would be able to make an advanced UI, or respawn timers in open space, or similar stuff…

Apparently you didn’t quite get what I meant but okay.


The worst part would be modelling. The rest is really quick and simple.

And even when modelling, one of the asset deaigners said that the secret projects ships (and some special ships like the Jericho ones) were essentially just pasting different bits and pieces of other models together until it looked cool. I suppourt this as a thing that should happen in the future: a modelling kit with a bunch of jumbled up parts and pieces that the users can build ships with. All the data is already on the servers and other’s computers so itnwould just be a matter of statistics and part anchors. Xp