Expansion Augmentations Part 1: Damage Type

With the types of weapons on the frontline such as the Gravitational Lens, G’Thar’Du and Entropy Generator, we are seeing an emergence of gravitational based weapons that bypass shields and produce unexplainable energy. Obviously, these weapons mostly either deal kinetic or EM damage because there is no other way to explain the type of damage that is being done - so what’s happening is instead, we are compensating.


Let’s look at subspace to start off. Subspace is an area of space underneath the fabric matter of space with unpredictable properties. This means that you will have to take specific measures to prevent subspace damage - maybe it’ll be white damage, but that also happens with collisions… But since the radiation is not present in something like crashing your ship into an asteroid, that’s going to be a bit unpractical.


So I recommend the following:


  • Introduce a new damage type - Sub-particle (SP) damage highlighted in orange
  • Introduce a resistance module for your shields - Tetryon Barrier
    • Increases shield resistance to Sub-particle damage by 24, 28, 32, 34 pts; however, strafe speed is reduced by 6%.
  • Introduce a resistance module for your hull - Subatomic Plating
    • Increases hull resistance to Sub-particle damage by 36, 42, 48, 51 pts. Shield regeneration rate reduced by 27%.
  • Change the damage types of the following to Tetryon Damage:
    • Anomaly Generator
    • Entropy Generator
    • G’Thar’Du Cannon
    • Gravitational Lens
    • Tai’thaq
  • Introduce new crafted Tetryon weapons:
    • △ Submolecular Blaster (Rank 11)
      • A short range, slow firing high-impact weapon. Reduces the enemy’s hull resistances by 4 pts per hit.
    • ♢ Particle Cannon (Rank 11)
      • A medium range weapon. Each hit slows the enemy’s energy regeneration by 1%, peaking at 13%.
    • ⃞ Tetryon Beam (Rank 11)
      • A long range weapon. All enemy targets within a 700m radius are drawn towards the enemy ship for 1 second per sustained hit.
  • Introduce new crafted Tetryon projectiles:
    • Quantum Warhead (Does not fit Interceptors)
      • Medium range dumbfire missile. Upon explosion, a small rift is formed with a radius of 400 m for 8 sec; any ship in the field in this time faces a 1% chance of instant death. Bypasses all death-preventing modules and effects (Combat Reboot, Emergency Barrier, any overshields, etc.)
    • Theta Beam (Only fits Jericho Guard Frigates)
      • Long range deathray weapon that causes 30240 damage within a radius of 20 m. Bypasses shields.


So, let’s give this a good chat - flame me, tell me I’ve gone nuts or been watching way too much Star Trek, whatever.


DISCUS! 2-107-LA.jpg

Star Trek online has 8 different damage types tetryon came out in year 3 . by year 5 there were 8 separate damage types  … Star Conflict is in year 5 and we  only have 3 . I think that with the limited ways to tank in this game as there is , that introducing a new damage type , would only serve to destroy the game further… Try not to forget that the AI in PVE with get this damage type as well and it will be 300% more damage that the player version of the same weapon. but  the 3 damage types in game now wont be removed from the AI to make room for the Tetryon damage . so we will yet once again … NOT be able to tank anything and die over and over again in PVE matches… not to mention the PVPers that will have a cow about  their gunship that now dies faster than a interceptor … If any damage adjustments need to be  done  it needs to be a +300% damage increase to players in PVE so normal players can do Ariadne’s Thread without using 5 dupes.

Quantum warhead. Should be 50% and black out the area for that period of time, and be called “Schrodingers Warhead”. XD

i don’t honestly know, although it may just be a bias as i also don’t like the concept of two new ranks, i feel like the main part of the game shouldn’t get changed, a new damage type kind of would screw with the rock-paper-scissors system

This is a game with fictional physics, DMG type is just happened to be Kinetic or EM, or it could’ve been white or thermal. Type is not necessarily chosen to explain the physics behind it.

We don’t need 4th (ignoring white) dmg type.

New damage type should be introduced that true, but I don’t see why those protections have to create a negative effect ![:huh:](< base_url >/uploads/emoticons/huh.gif “:huh:”). Our currents defense modifier (specific dmg type only) have no such thing, + there is not enough unknown dmg type to add a debuff, it will just make those specifics weapons even more powerful.

No new type, because it would require to change a lot of things in its tail.-.

You are watching too much Star Trek but will be nice add a new damage type, maybe chemical/corrosive damage type.