Exact Spectator Mode for PvP

Beforehand, the spectator requests the pilot to spectate. This works in pretty much the same fashion as inviting someone to join a corporation. If a pilot already has a spectator another may not watch. The spectator cannot spam the “request to spectate button”. The ignore feature applies.

The spectator sees exactly how the pilot sees right down to the sensor range; naked eye, camera position and targeting reticle position. The spectator is not allowed to switch to another pilot or view the map unless the pilot brings the map up. This way they spectator cannot give information that is not already available to the pilot.

Spectator Mode for PvP allows teachers/mentors to more efficiently train students/recruits in a way that you can’t just do in a custom battle because a custom battle is not real enough. For example, when the pilot overextends the spectator could say via 3rd party voice or ingame voice, “Pilot you are overextending. Try to stick with cover and allies and try to remember.”. If the pilot dies the spectator says, “Now you see the consequences of overextending.”

When teaching recruits, players don’t affect the outcome of the game spectating as much as they would being an active participant. No more waiting to get a matching squad.

Also please don’t restrict this to the “Mentor System”.

Personally when I try to teach someone a concept only learnable through real gameplay I often focus on myself and making sure I do well instead making sure the student does well.

Something like a spectator mode is planned, but currently I cannot give you any eta.

Something like a spectator mode is planned


For PvP?