Evolution of arcade mode for every Tier

What I see in the game is that from T1 to T3 (where I am now) everything evolves (ships, weapons, mods, contracts, etc) except battle arcade.

The 3 modes remain the same from T1 to T3.

So what I suggest is an evolution of arcade modes with Tier:



remain the same



  • Combat reconaissance: capt has the ability to give orders to players via checkpoints (on map) like attack/defend this location
  • domination: instead of having all players in hole team, divide the team by squads (so they are encouraged to stick together)
  • detonation: if players stand next to a beacon they can “capture it” and the beacon evolves like more resistant or give bonus to the team like extra damage or shield. And if enemy team destroys this beacon the team loose the special bonus.


  • combat recon: capt has a budget and he can choose to spend it on special items like a spawn that he can drop anywhere on the map (but with almost no hull) or extra drones to protect him. (etc.)
  • domination: i dont know for this one
  • detonation: beacons become bug frigates that move around and if a ship stand next to one of them and stand still it become in formation escorting it.
    • I would put “sub space anomalies” in maps and they are natural warp gates that activates for 30-45sec every minutes at different predefined spots


T4 and T5…


scenario: I would suggest a space battlefield where there are Allies and enemies IA ships everywhere and one where we have to attack a convoy, attacking a sky fortress on a planet could be nice too.

For a new game mode on longterm it would also be nice to have a mode like planetside, where you have a big galaxy map and every 3 factions fighting for sectors in the galaxy in order to have extra money, loyalty and reputaiton bonuses. You join a sector as renforcement and the fight never ends.