Everything in one space..?

I read somewhere that pve was going to be moved within invasion so effectively you warp to a pve scenario from free space, can this be done with PvP? I was thinking, every battle that starts or is in progress would show up as a warpable destination with info as to what game type is going on, if a battle is waiting for more people you warp to it and when full or after say two mins if there’s space bots are added and game on, if full you can still warp in but be within a forcefield barrier, and ifanyone leaves your in a queue system that lets you join for the remainder of the game.

The developers are working on it, they said they want to connect each gamemode with the others (PvP included.) How they do this and how it will be… I don’t know.

I doubt anything is going to get moved, at most it’ll become an option, if at all. Force people to go through free space to queue and the already anemic player base will finally be dead.

Well so far the processing rig is available to explore in the invasion mode, so I guess work has begun on binding pve to invasion.

It might take some of the boredom of queueing away, instead of just being in your hangar looking at a clock ticking away, at least you could spectate a battle until you can join.