Evasive maneuvers, Clan systems and stuff

I’m here to suggest some things that would be awesome to see in the game:

Evasive maneuvers

While if introduced as a normal feature that anyone could use would make interceptors kind of overpowered, I think that this would not happen if they were introduced as modules, this way players may customize the way their ship plays even further: they would choose, for example, if mounting shield recharge or one evasive maneuver, determining thus if they want to survive more when hit or try and not be hit at all.

Also, these modules would increase the action in the battlefield, give the chance to evade a desintegrator shot and would make user videos more spectacular. A more action packed space shooter and more user videos would probably bring an increment of users.

“Evasion modules” should be available only on interceptors and attack ships, with a slightly stronger thrust on the latter (at least for maneuvers that require a rapid movement in one direction like left dash or right dash) to compensate the size and should have a normal cooldown (50-60 secs) to avoid them being abused.

Railgun turrets

Right now we have only Plasma turrets defending beacons, right? I suggest that, in certain maps/conditions/game modes Railgun turrets should be defending beacons, to add more variety and also because they would be harder to avoid.

Clan zones

After fully developing the clan system, I suggest to let them being able to buy a zone with beacons defended by turrets and all, and be able to upgrade these or choose whether they should be plasma or railgun (if included).

These would serve for clan wars, and if you want I could expand my idea.

Different types of missiles

As I already suggested in another topic, this would be a great addition and add more variety to the gameplay. Low homing, high homing (the ones we already have), cluster, mini-missiles, missiles that slow down the target, and the list goes on…

well as far as interc go, iv seen some insane piloting that just makes me WOW.

a good aimed missile can take most of them out but there are a few that took evasive manuvers to a whole other level

so its obviously skill dependant which is great!

the only evasive module we have (we actualy dont but its being worked on) is the teleport system so we need to see how that will work.

the beacon turrets are actualy a different type, its constant heat damage which doesnt apply to plasma.

would be nice to have upgrade options though(repairing, missile addons, modules, range increase etc etc)

we should probably start a thread about it because its a realy nice idea that can realy change the somewhat dull gameplay we have atm.

im pretty sure the devs talked about a clan system and a clan ship so hold your breath for that because its probably going to be awsome :3

missiles seem fine to be honest, we have mines, homing, nukes, EM and kinetic, death rays even (havnt seen it yet lol)

also there are missile that draw energy and slow the enemy down already, check out the shop its a realy good motivator =3.

Yeah actually I did see the teleport module skill, but the module itself still isn’t there. Anyways yeah I know some interceptor players can show off some epic evasive maneuvers but my suggestion was to give a chance even to attack ships, which are too heavy for most kind of evasive maneuvers (mostly because of slow rolling than anything else).

Ah turrets deal heat damage? I thought they were plasma (when a turret kills someone it shows as plasma kill)

Seriously? I thought there were only mines, guided and unguided, I’m going to check the skill tree then. Well but different visual effect for EMP missles and such would be nice anyways

Any Interceptor can be destroyed, despite the player skill. therefore we have some useful tools:

  • laser and other beam weapons work quite well



  • good old point fof missiles

-Smartbomb system along with arkan speed inhibitor

So we wont need evasive maneuver module, since this game isnt like eve fighting with excel tables.

What we could need however would be:

  • Anti interceptor cluster missiles (large missile rack-hardpoint, fire off 5 smaller quick low dps guided missiles with proximity detonator)

  • a button for remote detonatiing torpedos

  • more players that are willing to equip frigates as anti fighter warships, not sniping gobsh++e