Entry 87 — New Year in Star Conflict!


Pilots! We continue to share the latest changes that will appear on the game servers in the upcoming updates. Among them, new ships, new PvE missions and new locations!


Let us look at the upcoming features in more detail:


Ellydium destroyer

Very soon, all pilots will be able to improve their fleet with a new destroyer, built using the unique technologies of Ellydium. The ship traditionally consists of a cabin and an enlarged crystalline Alien substance. The new ship impresses not only with its appearance but also with its capabilities. 


A special destroyer module produces a controlled swarm of drones that perform both attacking and defensive functions.


One of the active modules of the destroyer will allow other ships to dock with it, increasing its power. Another active module creates a large area on the map, where enemies receive damage. The next active module allows the ship to jump, leaving a special anomaly at the jump spot. 
You can also install a special cannon, firing crystal shells.


It will be possible to equip the destroyer with one of the unique weapons. The plasma cannon forms a cloud at the point of impact, dealing damage to enemies. Another weapon builds packs from a variety of drones that attack enemies.


A new PvE mission system

We also plan to expand the system of PvE missions in the game. Missions will have multiple dynamic difficulty levels from 1 to infinity. Players will initially have access only to the first difficulty level. Subsequent levels will become available as you progress through the previous ones. Enemies in the missions become stronger with each level. Mission level is selected by players on the ship selection screen. Players will also be able to get stronger as part of the PvE missions, by buying their own special bonuses that only work in PvE.

PvE-mission “The price of trust”

This is an urgent message from the UMC. It seems that the corporation’s latest dreadnought is in trouble, and Ellydium can’t handle the situation on its own. What a blow to their reputation. Let’s show them what real pilots are capable of!


As we have learned, one of the latest “Ellydium” destroyers suddenly arrived at the Raider Range. Previously, the corporation did not want to advertise the power of its fleet and tried to keep secret the fact that it has its own ships of this class. But it seems that the truth could not be concealed.


According to intercepted data, the dreadnought “Defiant” requires urgent repairs. The ship lost 90% of its defensive and offensive systems. The dreadnought can’t leave the Caid system under its own power. 


“Ellydium” is preparing a special rescue expedition, but it takes time. As we are told, the location is under attack! A massive raid on the dreadnought has begun. Its security systems have been hacked and blocked.


The UMC is forced to attract all available pilots and mercenaries to repel the attack. You have to urgently arrive at the location, protect the Dreadnought and repel the attack. 


Your objective is to repel the waves of enemies, protecting the damaged dreadnought of Ellydium. Depending on your actions, the plot of the mission may vary. 


PvP location “Pilgrim-11”

For fans of PvP battles, we have prepared a new location — the multifunctional complex “Pilgrim-11”. It was here, in orbit of a planet suitable for life, that Ellydium established the main shipyard to serve its latest dreadnoughts. 

The complex also includes an advanced laboratory that works in the field of agriculture, renewable natural resources and environmentally friendly fuels. Despite the shaky situation in the galaxy, Ellydium boldly looks forward, creating a better future for each of us.

Please note that the planet has a mild climate and flora and fauna are highly developed. All this creates an extremely favourable environment for living. There is a residential area next to the laboratory, as well as recreation and rehabilitation centres. Hydroponic factories are located on the surface of the planet.


New Year!
For the celebration of the New Year in Star Conflict, we have prepared special DLC bundles with ships, sets with unique holiday stickers, gift templates for painting your ships, as well as in-game events! 


The wait is almost over! Stay tuned, and see you in space!


28 minutes ago, TheDerpNukem said:

I was literally just about to quit the game BUT WE’RE GETTING THE ELLYDIUM DESTROYER FINALLY?


I’ll do you one better, I had quit the game and uninstalled it last week (2 weeks ago?). Then someone just pointed this out, and I’m baaaaack… 

Let the controversies begin ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) lol

Also I was just looking at the brief description of the special module and I couldn’t help but flash back to the Ultimate Destroyer contest.



A special destroyer module produces a controlled swarm of drones that perform both attacking and defensive functions.


And then back in my entry this was two of the modules I listed for my concept:


Module idea 1 : Repair swarm

Cooldown: 20 secs (one drone active min)

Damage upon destruction:  5000

Passive mode: Creates a repair drone which follows and repairs the host ship’s hull for 215 points/sec with a maximum of 5 drones active at once.

Active mode: (Duration: 40 secs, Energy: 1250)

Drones seek out damaged allies and heal their hull for 315 points/sec for the duration of the active cycle or until destroyed. Drones self destruct upon completion of the cycle.



Secondary weapon idea: Attack swarm

Cooldown: 40 secs

Energy: 750

Durability (per drone): 1500

Damage (per drone) : 300 DPS

Launches a swarm of 7 drones to attack a target. If no target is found then the drones defend the host ship. 


I really hope the special module doesn’t follow the stats of my little entry concept because the idea was honestly based around the whole incoming damage|incoming heals back in the day which was far less than what we have now (well the repair swarm in hindsight looks a little OP without the Ellydium malus).


The ship docking module on the other hand looks very interesting although I don’t think it’ll see much use in public PvP since it would lock an ally to you. But I could be wrong.

The whole ship landing thing has been a long requested idea so its nice to see some form of implementation on a ship that most people will (hopefully) have access to.

Take my money!

I wanna see some competitive PVP thats not about pewpew but about racing = speed and pilot skills no guns - just my 5 cents




wow, first the premium ships became less useless with 2 unique modules and now this, I might just finally update the game and play again

Ellydium Destroyer seems very promising along with the NY events and new pvp map, well done. These might revive the game, looking forward to see this update fast !

Edit: Well done [once more] for giving a second unique module to the prems, its great to see an investement not taking the downhill.

As long as it doesn’t go out on 50,000GS “early access” lol

I’m assuming this is the Ellydium Dread btw?




Because damn das a sexy ship.


4 minutes ago, TheDerpNukem said:

I’m assuming this is the Ellydium Dread btw?



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Because damn das a sexy ship.



I mean true sexy. idk if it is or isn’t their dread

1 minute ago, xKostyan said:


Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.

8 minutes ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.

But kosty isn’t wrong, hyping stuff up does only lead to disappointment.

10 minutes ago, TheDerpNukem said:

But kosty isn’t wrong, hyping stuff up does only lead to disappointment.

Only when your expectations and reality do not meet.


Maybe the problem isn’t the upcoming content, but rather the way we are looking at it?

I’d love to have ellydium design ships without the green snot attached. Like this dreadnought. White, sleek design, sharp lines. No wiggly tentacles…

I hope we can take the ellydium dreadnouth for the cooperation.