Enhance Navigational info with names next to icons for gates and stations

Today at 03:00

Good day, 

Thank you for the great work you are doing on a superb game. I would like to request a simple addition to the game HUD/Interface.

I find it a bit tiresome and unnecessary to have to turn my ship around to each gate/station icon to find the right gate I wish to fly to. These icons are at the edge of the screen. I think it would make a lot of game play sense to have the option for players to enable the names of gates next to the icons. This way, when players get disorientated during a battle they should simply only need to look at their hud/Interface to see which gate/station icon(named) they would like to turn to and continue on to their objective. 

Additionally I would suggest that ‘names on icons’ should be active only for gates or stations or objects previously visited as any Navigational computer would store this information. New gates or objects not visited can remain as simply an icon without a name until the player has visited said object. 

This should be relatively easy to implement in the game and I look forward to seeing this change.

I hope my contribution will be taken in good faith.

Thank you again for an amazing gaming experience! 

Sincerely yours, 



This would be a nice option. I wouldn’t want it for everybody, since screen clutter is bad, but I’d personally use it.


Nice suggestion, although for all of us who use the “icons around hud” option, it would feel really cluttered.


sounds good - let me forward this to Devs

Thank u for this suggestion! it is logical. We will take a close look at it and if it is approved we’ll implement it in the future.

Have a great day!)