English Version - Be able to keep Russian audible language?

I only speak English, but I really like the Russian audio in the game.

In future releases, is it going to be replaced with English? I would still prefer the Russian ones.

Am I going to be able to switch it back to Russian audio, but keep English text?

I would like to suggest that there be an option to choose other language packs to use in the settings.

Hm… I am pretty sure, you could just copy the russian audio files over the english audio files like in most other games. At least I hope this…

I think it is planned that there will be english sounds one day, but I dont know when.

I also prefere the russian sounds :wink:

I was born a poor American boy that could only afford to learn the English language…So, I cant fully understand the dialogue, except for the word EXPLOSION, which I usually hear right before I die from an EXPLOSION ;)wop . I like the Russian language, but hope you guys come out with English voice-over…preferably done by a woman with a Russian accent :fed001:

preferably done by a woman with a Russian accent :fed001: