English Chat is seriously goofed up

  1. Combat log shows in chat window.

  2. Chat window is no longer transparent in combat.

  3. “eye” icon to switch on/off chat missing.


Full combat log shows up in your global Chat window (English) making communication nearly impossible following a match.

Communication between pilots in combat is not possible at all destroying any teamwork. Result is most pilots are turning off chat as it is a distraction and you can’t filter through the combat log info to find directions, calls for help.


Please fix. It wasn’t broken before.



Put the chat back please…


Its very Broken the way it is now.



I am one those that have it switched off now.  In fact the whole of yestarday (I was online for around 6 hours) I only typed twice in English chat because of this.


I hope it is just a bug and you did not seriously consider implementing this on a permanent basis…


Your chat system (tabs) was not good before now it is terrible. Show me 1  multiplayer game contains a chat box without transparency… 

There is a huge black box  blocking my screen and uses for nothing. No one write chat because  No one look at chat now . why should they? All mixed up combat logs. if you write something it wont stay there 5 seconds…


this have been escalated to the Devs