Engineering Poll

So., the IIN thingy said the devs want feedback on this. I imagine they were referring to a poll running on the russian forum, but hey, they might look at one here too if we make one. We’ll see.


Some notes:

The passive auras are the Nanodrone Cloud and MASS Shield Generator. Before you ask, these modules already don’t stack from multiple engineering frigates, that’s why I didn’t put it as a voting option.

The Remote Shield Generator and Remote Hull Repair are extra modules that appear in T3. They’re active modules that work on cooldowns.


I know some of the voting options are slightly crazy, but I didn’t want to make any assumptions so they’re there for completeness.

I think the mass shield gen is a bit glitched up as the thing regenerates so much now than before the role changes.

According to my combat log the mass shield generator does what it says on the tin:

19:07:02.032        | Combat: heal       xxxxxxxxxxxx ->            Binky 316.23 Module_ShieldEmitter_T3_Epic
19:07:03.028        | Combat: heal       xxxxxxxxxxxx ->            Binky 316.23 Module_ShieldEmitter_T3_Epic

Are you sure you’re not seeing a remote shield generator or shield booster on top?

I’ve started habitually using /set cl_combatLog 3 and when I pummel someone and think “wtf?” take a look at the combat log after the match. It normally turns out they were affected by something else as well, either a shield booster or remote shield generator.

These Modules needs the same Range.  The Mass and Nano are fine as is, but scaling the healing done by ship size would be a massive change and interesting.  INty would no longer go from all most dead to half to full in 10 seconds flat.

The remote Hull needs a smaller cool down than 138 seconds though.  30 seconds would be good.  Same for the Remote Shield Generator.

I believe the main problem currently with engi frigs is that their repairs can actually stack (at least as I’ve been told). 2 heal frigs = 2x the healing, get enough and you become unkillable due to stacking heals :confused: they need diminishing returns on heal frigs, so if you have one, 100%, second one, 150%, third 167.7%, 4 175%, 5+ nothing more. something like that.

I believe the main problem currently with engi frigs is that their repairs can actually stack (at least as I’ve been told). 2 heal frigs = 2x the healing, get enough and you become unkillable due to stacking heals :confused: they need diminishing returns on heal frigs, so if you have one, 100%, second one, 150%, third 167.7%, 4 175%, 5+ nothing more. something like that.

The nanodrone cloud and mass shield generator do not stack from multiple engineering frigs ([proven from combat logs](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19405-healing-is-overpowered/?p=197013%5Dproven)). The remote shield generator and remote hull repairer do stack, because they’re modules activated on cooldown, rather than passive modules.

What about cycle times? Do those stack?


There are other ways to make shields and hull regain faster buy equipping certain ship mods which boost the regain quite a bit. That might also be the problem when your stacking shield resists or mods that increase shield regain. I don’t really think the mass shield generator is the issue but it has been buffed before the role patch.

What about cycle times? Do those stack?

I’m not sure what you mean by this.


So, my 2 cents about the Remote Shield Generator is that it’s way OP and a big (I’d say the main) problem with T3+ engineering. By rotating 2-3 remote shield generators you can essentially give everyone within 4.5k God Mode for 16-24s on a 50s cooldown. I like that engy frigates have an “omg!” button to give a burst of healing to friendlies when they need it, but as it stands it reps way too much to way too many. I’d suggest the repair to scale with ship size, and also ONE of:

  1. Make it single target, like the Remote Hull Repair.

  2. Nerf the amount it repairs drastically (this is kind of lame, prefer #1).

Like, when one person activates the AoE heal, which cycles every 3 seconds. Another person activates it within those 3 seconds of the other person. Thus the healing rate is doubled.

Speaking as a Tier 2 pilot, I think the Engineer’s healing abilities are fine. The problems stem from two rather different sources:


1) Engineering Frigates themselves are far too tough.

If an Engineer had comparable survivability to a Long Range Frigate you wouldn’t see them used as often. Perhaps knocking their turret count down to two might also help.


Like the Guard Frigate, the Engineering Frigate should be a trade-off. The Guard Frigate sacrifices speed and offence for defence, but the Engineer sacrifices nothing; it has more firepower than any other ship (six turrets + 2 lasers on the drones), it has excellent survivability, it’s quite fast by Frigate standards, and even without modules it can heal itself. With modules, it can become borderline unkillable short of bringing a Covert Ops / Gunship and getting the drop (or bringing a lot of friends).


The Engineer should sacrifice something for its abilities. Traditionally, the Healer class lacks in health / armour / weaponry, so why not do that? Less survivability and two less guns in exchange for combat-healing drones and the ability to heal squad mates?


2) Everyone can Heal.

You want the definition of pain? A ship with epic tier shield regeneration modules and an Engineer on call. By stacking personal healing with healing from other people ships can reach game-breaking levels of durability. This is especially frustrating on Combat Reconnaissance missions.


My suggestion then is not to nerf the Engineer’s healing, but to nerf every other form of healing. If you want to restore shields quickly, or health at all, you should *gasp* go and find an Engineer! That’s what their class is meant to do!

I think engineers should have 2 different types of modules: AOE as they are currently and a direct repair/regeneration module. The AOE module could be nerfed and the direct one could be stronger but would require re-locking to activate so would be vulnerable to target switches. This would require a list of  allied ships’ health on the UI though and the ability to lock through it. Oh crap its starting to sound like EVE  :facepalm: 

I floated [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19478-repair-weapons/) as an idea a while ago, which might be something like what you mean. I like the idea of specifically targeting repairs, but I’m not keen to end up with the kind of healing that WoW or EVE have where you play whack-a-mole on green bars or broadcasts.

The reason t3 is abit… stale, is because of all the in combat heals engineers bring, therefore healing should be restricted in combat.

With the last patch (that reduced engineers healing range with 1k) everything got alot better, but the same problem still exists even if its not to bad right now.


This is my prefered idea, removing the nanodrone cloud and the mass shield generatorand replacing thoes heals with adding passive healing abilitys to the engineers drones.

These drones could automaticly heal everything within a small area (say 1000m), while we are at it, we could remove one of the drones and shuting down a engineers healing would be doable (killing the drone).

In exchange for the lowered range, to keep the game fairly high paced, make the drone heal by a percentage of your max hp at a very high rate (around 20-30%/sec?)


This would remove the annoyance of having a engineer who dont heal you while you ram him repeatedly and spaming in chat (happens to me even in tier 3).

This also gives room for more “fun” (my opinion) activate abilitys that more serve ultity effects (i swear i read this was their purpose somewhere on the official site once), like the warpgate and the mobile barrier, we only need to add more modules first.