Engineer warpgates

Because of the new distance at which warp gates are deployed, (the dumbest thing ever if you ask me,) I suggest that they be indestructible until they are fully open. I’ve found them impossible to use lately, both because of the fact that they open 750m away, and because they can easily be one-shot by those enemies around me. Warp-gates are genuinely the most useless module to have, aside from reactor overload, due to these nerfs that it keeps getting. At least it cools down in slightly less time now.

Nah, its more tactical team transportation module now, no instant personal gtfo device. You need to deploy this out of LRF sight.

Doubly pointless then. Nobody ever uses the team gates and when they do they are newbies that crash.

Unless you’re flying in a highly organized squad, warpgates are entirely useless.


Then again, I’m not sure this is the buff I’m looking for.

I had great use of warpgate just recently. 


JC was cheeky in a lrf and thought he could escape by RT. Denied! 


Totally useless move by me, but hey… I can’t take this game too seriously anymore. PLus, it was too tempting to be ignored, and it was worth it  :005j:

Warp gates can also be used to make VERY useful spawncamping LRFS on your team, even MORE useful! Transform them into projectiles! Unfortunately this can lead to a game ban for a few days…

Lately I’ve been using it to one-shot cloaked LRF’s that don’t want to move.