Engineer upgrade: KAB Penetrator


Name                                KAB  Penetrator
Type                                 Guided missile
Ship type:                          ■ Engineer
Fits:                                  Styx, Garm, Minotaur, Naga, Anaconda, Grizzly M, T Rex, and premium ships of same role
Allowed ranks:                    8-13, 14-17
DPS                            208 dmg/s
Blast (thermal)           13075 dmg
Collision damage         2615 dmg
Recharge                       24 s
Explosion radius             50 m
Flight range               11550 m
Flight speed          414-1241 m/s
Maneuvering speed     30-90 deg/s
Charges in cartridge          2 pts
Cartridge reloading          80 s
Description                        Precision-guided long range shield penetrator missile with collision damage and heavy thermal damage. The heavy missile speeds up, penetrates through the shields, and does collision damage and thermal explosion damage to the hull behind the shield. This massive ordnance penetrator works perfectly against large targets in long distances.