Engineer should have an exclusive feature (ability to lock on allies)

Engineer class is of utmost importance in it should deserve a special dedication section in Star Conflict and an expansion of its abilities.


TheDarkRedFox recently wrote about Engineer’s Repair Drones.

I fully support his suggestion and it should be implemented at the same time with this one.



Moving on to Allied Targets, when you use Engineer class ship.

HUD system in-game should have the option, which would make it possible for everyone, to either enable or disable such feature.


Option in-game: (check/uncheck) such option for those, who do not like it or want it.


Those who do and I am among them, need it.

I will explain how it should work.


You have the lock on circle, like for any enemy target, which is the same as the red one is, but with a few exceptions.


  • your missiles won’t follow your allied target, or if you locked on where there are no enemies nearby

  • you can only lock on one target at a time

  • color of your allied lock is blue

  • 2 new key bindings (target your ally and remove allied target)

  • target time is the same as for the enemy lock on



  • you can only lock on your ally, if you own an Eclipse Launcher or if you have Remote Repair Drones, which will come to your allied target to repair it.


I see only one problem. Key bindings. By pressing R we can target our ally as well, but maybe sometime we don’t want that and we can do this by accident or unintentionally.

By pressing H, we remove all target locks. We need 2 more functions or some sort of simplification.



Eclipse Launcher suggestion:


Ally Eclipse Launcher weapon: Upon its impact on your ship, when you’re getting healed, you some distinctly unique, but simple visual effect (nano particles are repairing the ship).

Example: Each time you’re getting healed, you should get a blue glow effect, which isn’t too intrusive. Maybe this visual feature should only be reserved for your team only, if possible.


Enemy Eclipse Launcher weapon: Upon impact on your ship, when you’re getting damaged, nothing changes, or you might get a slightly red glow effect on your ship.

Example: Each time you receive any amount of damage, you know if this is the enemy or your ally.






Hi! We will discuss your suggestion as well as the suggestion about drones. Thank you.

If you mean a single lock (wich can be friend or foe), i agree with you.