Engineer Drones amount indication

As far as I can tell the only way you can tell how many attack drones you have out on engineer is by looking for them. This is not optimal and takes time and focus away from the mission. There should be an indication of how many drones you have out currently like at the top with the rest of the buff indicators and junk.

I suggested something similar a while ago where it displays the objects you own just like your squad members on the left bar. It would indeed be nice.

Because except for Phoenix and Octopus(that have 3)all of them have 2?

If your drone get killed by pyro, you used it yourself or else one drone killed, you don’t know if you have 2 or 1. You manually need to check this…

This bugs me somewhat about the engineering roles while being blinded by repeated coil mortar and being unable to see how many drones I have deployed. Nonetheless, I recommend you read the description of your combat drone modules, usually your specmodule drones will redeploy every 35 seconds.

uhm yeah this is about the attack drones not the spec mod…

Oh ok,it shouldn’t take you more than 0.01 seconds to know that,so nothing new required here.Close Sesame!(the thread)

I wouldn’t have posted this if it weren’t an issue. Example: Rank 15 Captured Dreadgnought (PVE) when there are a ton of npc (sometimes there are more npc than others and if you do this enough then you know what I’m talking about). So dealing with that many npc does not provide enough time to waste it looking for how many attack drones you have out. There is an indicator for everything but how many attack drones are out and I don’t see how it would be an issue to add it to the top with the buffs and effects.

Not to mention that thinking I was talking about the spec mod is a bit strange since they are circling your ship which then would take 0.01 seconds.