Engine Purge Module

Name: Engine Purge

Type: Frigate Active Module

Ranks: Tier 3-5

Upgradable: yes

Upgrades effect: damage increase

Cooldown: 27 Seconds

Dps: 1500 at Mk1, 2500 at Mk4.

Energy use: 200en

Tooltip: Turns engine exhaust in to damaging plasma for 7 seconds.

Function: Turns engine trail orange and any ships that fly through it take 2500 thermal damage per second. Meant to discourage orbiting from interceptors and strafe fighters.

It sounds nice, but I am afraid it will be more good looking than it will be usefull. Having the weapon at the end of your ship will make it pretty hard to use it.

Honestly it could be useful on interceptors, for running away! Reminds me of tron…

It’s not meant as a direct weapon, but more as a defence against enemies that are chasing you, or interceptors that are orbiting you.