Engine overcharge for tacklers and a new module for gunships

Hello there.


Without a small talk to break the ice, let’s jump straight to the point. What is the purpose of tackler ships? Well, they are supposed to hinder enemy ship’s movement for one. Keep them in place, keep them vulnerable. They have modules to do so too. They are also your only means of stopping fast interceptors if there are no guards around. To do his job, a tackler needs to get near the enemy ship in the first place.


What I would suggest is that we allow tacklers to equip a modified form of engine overcharge, so they can get a few seconds speed boost in order to close the distance to their enemy and then tackle them. Something not as “strong” as already existing engine overcharge for gunships, but still usable in most situations. It may have shorter duration, but also shorter cooldown, so you can chase ships around every now and then.



Now to the second point, a new module. So, gunships are all about shooting, right? Get in, deal tons of damage on all sort of buffs and overcharges and wither get out or keep shooting. So yeah, gunships are about shooting. You can’t do that though if your weapons overheat.


In order to counter that, I’d like to propose a Coolant Injector or whatever else we would call this module. How does it work? Once per minute or so (cooldown to be tested and so on) you can inject cooling agent into your guns, effectively doubling their time to ovearheat / halving their cooling time. This effect will last for a few seconds. Also, injecting while already overheat will immediately start cooling process.



So, what do you think about it? Also thanks for reading.

Tackler is a very useful ship at higher tech levels.

I’m not saying tacklers are weak or anything. It would be just nice to have more options.