Engine inhibitor effects

getting ECMd, engine shuts down…oh crap.

getting EIed by guard, i still havent quite sure what does that do… however i noted my speed kinda sucked… althou my engines would still burn like crazy. so i assume that is effect?


my suggestion is mostly for the pleasure of visual organs… making engine behave strange when under such inhibiting effect…like ‘coughing’ flames or ‘blinking’ or releasing lots of smoke… make it look like there is something wrong!


just icon appearing in upper line (among millions of other icons showing all the effects) is not very handy when you’re in the middle of dogfight, to check what the heck is going on… “hmm lets see… hmm oh im dead already… *sadface*”


instead of moving around clock and chaning buttons, perhaps you might wanna work on another useless thing that at least make game look pretty

A visual effect with small lightning bolts over the engines or something would be nice yeah. And not so hard to implement. Would add flavour to the game.


i’d prefer something more distinct…there are many lighthing bolts already. flickering exasut or heavy smoking. or…maybe all of it

I agree with this