Engi HUD proposal, a HealersHelper thingy

Hello Folks,


As the Topic states, this is an idea for a better HUD for every Engineer players out there. So far playing an effective Engi is crippled by the lack of a sufficient HUD which provides crucial Information about your Team´s health status and your ability to actually save them.


  1. in EVERY game the should be the option to have Healtbars showing your team-mates´ Schield/Hull status, just like in Games with a Group / Wing ( this was mentioned in other Topics already )


  1. ADDITIONALLY the Team´s status HUD should contain the Information wheter or not the ppl are within RANGE of your passive / active heals. this could be easily obtained by a simple grey out - to bright distance transperacy, just like the gun ranges.


  1. You could also introduce a emergency call for every player in your team whose in distress, which will mark said player on an engis targed HUD and would show him WHERE he is from the engis position and also the other way around show the player in need of heals the next available engi in his team. ( just like the system works very in many other fps-shooters like tf2 for example )


  1. Give engis with Eclipse Launchers the ability to targed friendlies just like enemies with an Lead Indicator for maximum use of the equipped support gun.




In my opinion, this would be a great way to ease the way a real Support engi would help his team and not just smash his heals when a maximum number of players is effected in hopes of providing SOME help this team.



Best Regards,   [|GoD|]Tayexir

As an engi pilot, I naturally agree with all of these suggestions, however then other classes might want specific HUDs. It is easier to keep one HUD for all classes. Now being able to target allies would be really nice, and as you have said it has already been suggested. I can’t remember what the outcome was though.