Energy Special Module for ALL SHIPS.

So, ever wondered what to do with that shield of your’s that won’t regenerate quickly?, andyet your energy is over 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000?, well you’re in luck. Meet the Secondnary Energy Flow Module!


So, what does it do?, There are many modes to YOUR energy flow module, and they function, JUST like a phase or a destroyer’s special module.  The stats of each mode except Inactive (it’s inactive, it just lets your ship do with it’s normal stats). Each ship with have ONE inactive mode, and three other modes selected for their ship type and faction. Alien Ships, can choose their energy switch, and the destroyers already have one.


The Many Modes you can switch to (Four are selected for a ship depending on it’s type and faction):


1# Inactive: Is on by default when you go to a battle or open space. Doesn’t do anything until you change it.


2# Offensive: Increases weapon damage.


3# Defensive: Increases Hull/Shield Resistance to all types of Damage.


4# Regenerative: Regenerates Hull/Shield by a # of points a second.


5# Sensor Enhancement: Increases sensor range by #% and Critcal Chance by #%.


6# Engine Power: Increases Speed, Rotation, and Manuverbility.


7# Module Enhancement: Modules have 10% more effectiveness.


8# Missile Bay Energy Flow: Increases Missile Damage by #%


How do I use this secondnary special module.


By Default, pressing “R” will enable you to switch modes, You will have the ability to use keys to switch between each module mode so you don’t have to constantly re-press the same button to get back to inactive mode or to reach a mode you want to quickly. For example, I can set my keys to 4, 5, 6, 7 and switch to inactive mode using 4 whenever I feel like it. Remember, you have one Inactive mode and Three other modes which benefit you, which technically takes up four modes of the module. Thank you for support!




one, this seems like a cool idea, i’m not going to go into what ships you want to put it on as that’s a rabbit hole and a half, but i digress. when you say R do you mean the special module button? because it is F by default

This is a second special module you can use along with your primary special module.

If I get you right: it would require to code in a new specific key for the 2nd spec module of each ship?

I would love to have a second missile slot for frigates, because they are big and could handle a second cartridge

Just use the default interact key. I think it is “C” in normal controls. I have it set as “G”.


That way you aren’t mindlessly switching between modes as you try to ping or lock a target.