Enemy Designed Hell [EnD]



Primarily Jericho, but you don’t have to always stay in Jericho space and do Jericho Contracts. Remember, we are mercenaries first and foremost.


OOC Explanation:


A corp of casual pilots, talent seeking for anyone who has good instincts, willing to learn new skills, or is already skilled at the game. We have finished our shipyard and are looking to start our Dreadnaught, and we currently have ~40 members. Currently, EnD is ranked (At the time of writing this) 99 in the corp leaderboards in PvP.May not be the highest, but we will get there.



  • Provide a friendly group of players who aren’t so wrapped up in competition that we forget to enjoy the game.
  • Help new pilots learn the basics of Star Conflict
  • Provide new piloting techniques to give our pilots an edge in combat
  • Not require playtime of X number of hours a week.*
  • Not Require Teamspeak for people to be able to play with us.


*We may occaisionally drop players who are inactive for more than 3 weeks to free up slots for new pilots, but we try to send mail messages in-game to let you know that you have been dropped from the corp for this reason, however, if you come back to Star Conflict and want back in, just mail either me (Harashi Naya), Robotic, or KalamityKevo and we’ll let you back in and try to remember (if we don’t record it somewhere) your previous rank and restore you to that position.


To Join: Simply find our corp in the list in the game, or mail me, Robotic, or KalamityKevo, and we will most likely let you into the corporation.



  1. Have fun and make friends.
  2.  Don’t bash your teammates if the battle doesn’t result in a victory. No one wins every battle, and sometimes, things just go badly. (I.E. Telling people to uninstall. That’s just childish.)
  3. No Harassment (Verbal/sexual/being an outright mean-spirited person)



I (Harashi Naya) am the Forum rep* for EnD, so feel free to ask me about anything else I may have missed.


*Sometime soon I will create an RP section under Enemy Designed Hell’s Tag/Name for those of you who like to role-play. I personally love to do so, and I have a backstory for the corp, which I will probably put in more detail under that thread, the synopsis of the backstory is below, and subject to additions and expansion.


Backstory for EnD:


We are the most recent contingent of Jericho pilots to arrive from deep space to join the war. We came to Pallas after discovering a planet with some alien artifacts and ruins, and brought some of that knowledge back with us. Now we are here, and we hope to shift the balance in the war so that Jericho can reclaim what has been taken from us.



"Jericho will Rise and we will claim what was stolen from us. We know humanity’s future can be saved as we learn to evolve beyond what limits the others fear. We shall embrace transcendence through technology!"

Welcome! I’m not a huge fan of RP, and it doesn’t look like there’s a ton of interest on the forums here, but hey, you never know.


Good luck out there.

UPDATE: We are still active, even if you don’t always see us. We may not be as active as a few months ago, but that was during summer anyway, so don’t throw us into the “Dead Corporations” bin just yet.