Endless Failures

Hey there, I’ve just finished playing a couple matches with the new “you cant lose your ship anymore” mechanic. Im am kind of worried about it. It takes the risk away. There’s no motivation to improve. Now if I lose my favorite ship, it doesn’t encourage me to try harder next time, it just makes me go “meh. next suicidal charge” I liked the risk. I miss fighting as hard as I can to save my ship. I miss the chase and the hunt. Before when I lost my ship I wanted to hunt down the pilot that took it. Got my blood pumping. Now I don’t really care anymore. Its too easy. Without the element of risk, i’m afraid this game wont be as fun. At least for me. I want to worry about my ship again.


only problem i see with the unlimited spawn is that people now dont even bother to protect beacons, they just respawn go to the big fight in the center and good luck to those 2-3 ships if anything tring to defend the beacons against 5-6 enemy ships.

at this point i wonder if we could just get rid of beacons and make it a pure pvp game where win will be determinated by wich side has more kills when timer hits 0, as simple as that.

Hello, we will collect the feedback about the respawn system and discuss what we can do to make the game more interesting.

at this point i wonder if we could just get rid of beacons and make it a pure pvp game where win will be determinated by wich side has more kills when timer hits 0, as simple as that.

It sound like a new game mode - pure deathmatch, could be worth of trying to implement separate game queue where player could choose if he wants enter queue for domination kind combat or deathmatch mode.

I think that respawn cooldown should be individual to each ship but a bit longer - something like time to repair individual ship instead of global respawn cooldwon. For example: I fly interceptor, get destroyed, but i still have frigate that i havent use yet. I cant switch to frigate and respawn after 10 sec like it was before. But when i get destroyed again i see that recently destroyed interceptor and frigate still have cooldown on it (about 1 minute more to go), but my fighter was lost some time before and thre is only 20 secs left to use it. With longer cooldowns but individual to each ship players would try harder to save his favourite ship from destruction, and it wouldn’t be so boring waiting for respawn if you can choose to use other ship type a bit sooner. Also, players who fight well and do not die often may manage to stay alive so long that some of his lost ships get rapaired in meanwhile and reenter battle sooner. This way also multiple “suicidal runs” at the beggining (when respawn is shorter now) would be less attractive. In shorter words - time of death penalty would depend on how often player loose ships, instead of how many he lost in total.

I like the idead that respawn cooldown is increasing with each death but i think that it is sometimes frustrating that after playing 6 times in a row with frigate i have to wait long time till i can choose brand new interceptor that havent been used in battle yet.


The lost ships should be locked for the time of repairment instead of an increased respawn time. Its like im punished to die and sill havent used one of my other ships. If i whant to fly this ship later on i must wait for the repairment or take an other. This way the 4th ship slot would also be a bit more attractive. The more often i lose the ship the higher the repairment time would be, and we still get the same effect but without the high respawn time for the first 3 ships.

Has it been tried to have only one ship and one life per player per match? You know, like in World of Tanks? Because this is, in all honesty, World of Spaceships.

If people are dying too quickly, then just give ships more HP.

The current spawn system is nice, It works well, Just needs to have more upgrades, and slots.

having to buy ships is constantly annoying, and a big worry on people.