Endeavor Booster Shield

Got the Endeavor finally from your terrible random boxes.

The special module is purely superficial and obviously was a rushed module just for the sake of filling a special module slot.

Heres my suggestions to change it to something better:


Since the Endeavor was quite literally just a shuttle for out-of-atmosphere equipment, I say give it some cool features like the Spiral.

First, the shuttle’s bay doors should be hinged and an interior should be made. Doesn’t have to be big. Even a solid black interior is fine. Upon module activation, the ship should stop, the bay doors should open, then a claw arm should pull out a satellite and place it stationarily in space above the shuttle.

The little satellite should have a significant durability, and act as a little forward base for allies. It should project shields along all axes and provide possible regeneration to ships within the shields. For each ally or enemy in the radius, the ship should gain an amount of resistance as well as speed. The outer shields should be solid and invincible, but the interior structure should be destroyable.

The special module should then become inactive if the user leaves the field and only be used to deconstruct the “station” to move it. If it is destroyed it should take at least 60 seconds to reset the module.




Otherwise if you wanna be lazy just make the passive shield dest on Endeavor siphon them to you or something. Cmon.

I think they need focus on Ellydium ships now.

Foxes ideas can get on reviwe list for end of summer brushup of standard/premium ships (as planned), I’d say…

Endeavour is not an engineer.

2 minutes ago, xXThunderFlameXx said:

Endeavour is not an engineer.

Endeav is a guard that specializes in wasting energy and having really useless modules.

That’s not a nice thing to say about [@EndeavSTEEL](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/256051-endeavsteel/), say that you’re sorry.

that you’re sorry.

tbh the endeavor is an “in your face” frigate, its special module is actually quite scary if you get enemies in range, as your resistance boost becomes more common, and the enemies lose their shields quite rapidly. it can use its active module to force enemy fire onto itself, and then boost its DPS with compression railgun, it is actually better coordinated than spiral, seeing as you get an idea of what the endeavor’s job is by looking at its gear. spiral on the other hand is all over the place, its weapon is just out of place, its spec mod sends mixed messages about how to use it